January 2015

Title 24 & Future Energy Policies

Many people believe that Title 24 only applies to California code. While currently that is true, it will not be long before the policies and requirements under Title 24 are a standard in all jurisdictions. Currently all but seven states have commercial building energy codes in place. To keep you informed of what's in store for the future, below is an overview of the items Title 24 addresses.

Title 24 Policy Overview

* Drive Adoption of Building 
   Energy Codes: 
Building codes will be increasingly more performance based and adoption of more stringent energy policies is expected to surge.

* Speed The Development of       
   Building Monitoring Technologies:
Focus is on "measurable whole building energy reductions". Expect these monitoring systems to develop quickly to keep up with rapidly changing policies. 

*Accelerate On-Site Energy Storage:
In order to harness renewable energy as efficiently as possible, new technologies will be developed to encourage on-site storage.

*Reduce The Cost of High Performance Buildings:
The requirements outlined in Title 24 will force project designers to incorporate energy saving technologies in their designs, which will in turn drive the cost of these technologies down.

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PIR Sensor
Elio PIR Sensor & Title 24

Part of the Title 24 requirements include provisions 
for manual and occupancy sensor switches. Manual switches can be installed on a room-by-room basis while occupancy sensors must be used in corridors, stairwells, and aisles or open areas. Check out elio's occupancy sensor for your next project. Used in conjunction with our task lighting, it will help reduce energy costs and also meet the Title 24 requirements. | | 888.871.8860

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