Rana Specified for
NW Community Credit Union
Rep Group:   Eaton Group
Project:          NW Community Credit Union
Location:       Eugene, OR
Product:        Rana Desk Lamp
Quantity:      185

The Story:
Submitted by Will Eichelberger

For this large-scale project - a new Downtown Headquarters for a local Credit Union, they were looking to add personal comforts to their Knoll workstations. Originally put out as a bid, the Rana was added on as one of the lighting requirements for each workstation. Given the tight budget and working closely with the Dealer, the Rana fit the bill on all accounts. 

The Credit Union was impressed with its simple style and then when they saw the price, they were sold. The Knoll dealer did not even pull out other lighting as options on this project, and they found that this was a win for all involved.

We had a sample sent down to the architect. Since others were not really considered because of their high price point, this helped the dealer win the entire bid and offer a great solution for the end user.

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