August 2014


How are the Rating Systems Similar?

  • Systems are point based for project certification.
  • Multiple categories cover all areas of a project scope. Both systems contain categories that address:
    • Building Sites
    • Materials
    • Water
    • Energy
    • Indoor Environment
    • Life Cycle Assessment
  • Multiple levels of certification available.

How are the Rating Systems Different?

Location & Transportation
The LEED rating system awards points based on how items such as land protection, public transportation proximity & bicycle facilities are handled. 

Regional Priority
The LEED rating system awards points based on addressing issues that are specific to a particular area of the country.

For example, reducing water consumption in Phoenix, Arizona is much more imperative than it would be in Holland, Michigan.

Air Emissions
The Green Globes system is more detailed in the handling and documentation of hazardous materials such as Radon, Asbestos and refrigerants.

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