Top Three Design Elements From NeoCon 2014
Haworth Openest
 Benching: All the major furniture manufacturers are still pushing  the benching concept. Many introduced privacy "pods" that  would allow for more quiet, focused work. Finally, manufacturers  are listening to the workforce and their desire for more privacy,  not less.
Knoll Tables
 Adjustability: Adjustable height tables are the new focus of the  ergonomic worker. Incorporate the proper lighting, chair &  adjustable height table and you would have an unstoppable 
Bretford Motiv
 Technology: Manufacturers are incorporating technology into  everything from lounge chairs to lights. Outlets, USB ports and,  auxiliary inputs allow office workers to work from anywhere.
It was a whirlwind three days and after the first floor of showrooms we started to forget where we saw different products. Below are some of the standouts that caught our attention. Were there any products that really caught your eye?

1) The photo challenge
Allsteel Showroom
Unfortunately we didn't really see any crazy outfits, so we 
decided to focus on the color trends shown by many of the manufacturers. Many of the showrooms were sporting a bright orange and pink motif and we are definitely entertaining the idea of a hot pink desk lamp!  

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2) The Innovation challenge
Molo Softwall
While our focus may be on lighting, we can still appreciate other products and we very much enjoyed the Softwall from Molo. Made of non-woven polyethylene and 100% recyclable, this product takes flexible green design to the next level.



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