The Ergonomics of Light

LEDs have many advantages, including low energy draw, instant on and long life. But
one of the biggest advantages to office workers is that LEDs give off pure white light. This
is an important distinction between LED and fluorescent lights because fluorescents give off
a yellow frequency. This yellow color cannot be distinguished by the naked eye, but is instead felt through headaches and eye strain. The yellow frequency is not absorbed into white paper or worksurfaces and is reflected back causing glare. This glare is a contributing factor to the estimated 68% of workers that complain about the lighting in their office. Poor lighting leads to headaches and eye fatigue and is labeled by OSHA as the leading health hazard in the workplace**.

**Szollar, Rudy (May 2012). Bright Ideas; Ergonomic Considerations for Lighting the Modern Office [10]. Retrieved from

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