2013 Highlights

2013 Product Highlights

631 - 18" Vega Lights - elio received it's largest order ever from SC Creative Solutions
Maia™ Desk Lamp Improvements - New features to Maia include 50% higher light output, full range dimming and an optional occupancy sensor
New Desk Lamp Options - Orion™ and Rana™ desk lamps add additional lighting solutions 

2013 Personnel Highlights
Due to the continued success and growth of the elio line we were able to add several new members to the team. Some have been on for awhile but we still want to say we are glad you are on board and are looking forward to 2014!

Craig Hoyer - OEM Office Furniture Market Specialist
Ken Walton - Store Fixture & Home Health Market Specialist
Scott Hart - OEM Kitchen & Bath Market Specialist
Angie Landman - elio Inside Sales Support
2013 Rep Group Highlights
We brought on the following rep groups this year and are looking forward to getting to know your team in 2014.

Office Furniture
Ketcham Schmidt & Associates - Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa
North & South Dakota
Seibold Baker & Associates - Michigan, Indiana, Ohio & Kentucky
Contract Furniture Associates - Arizona, Nevada & New Mexico
Southeastern Furniture Reps - Georgia, North & South Carolina
Head Contract - Florida, Alabama, Tennessee & Mississippi

Refrigerated Cases
Healy Corporation - United States 

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