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Ear traction helps relax the muscles that attach to the base of the ears. Light traction massage can release tension and stress. To view more, please click here..

Light tail traction helps elongate the structures of the tail. Basically getting the "kinks out" of muscles and tendons that hold the numerous bones together. Tails work hard communicating with the world and are needed for balance.

Tail traction is only performed on non-painful, pathology free tails.  To view a short video on how to do tail traction on a dog or cat, Click here.

Trauma free in and out of the car reduces injuries. The use of a lightweight target of just 3 pounds makes getting in and out of the vehicle safer for the dogs.

Steps and planks are often clumsy, too narrow and heavy to transport. To view a short video on how easy it is to use and take along, click here.

We carry the target for $20.00 plus tax.  There should be one available to view at the front desk. 

Room for one more!

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Ear Traction massage
Tail Traction massage
Easy in and out
Monarchs Return

The first returning female Monarch of the season arrived from Mexico on
June 9th.

She laid eggs on the milkweed plants which are the only host plants they will  lay eggs upon.

What a treat to see them return to our Monarch Garden.

Days later, a caterpillar hatched. It will grow to an adult caterpillar in 2 weeks, form a chrysallis for 2 weeks, then begin the cycle again.

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