June 6, 2014, Number 19

The Texas comptroller has proposed what is essentially a rewrite of the existing administrative rules governing local sales and use tax administration. While it appears that the primary purpose of the proposal is to reorganize the rules to make them more readable, the proposal includes some new provisions that could affect...


On June 2, President Obama - through the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) - released the "Clean Power Plant Proposed Rule."  The proposal follows in the footsteps of the President's 2013 Climate Action Plan...

Payday Lending Clearinghouse Updates

The League's "Payday Lending Clearinghouse" webpage, available at www.tml.org/payday-updates, includes information related to the regulation of payday and auto title lenders.  It is updated from time-to-time to reflect recent developments... 

Does your city have a newly elected official, or do you need to update an email address? Now is the time to review the information we have listed for your city. Staying connected to you is our number one priority, and updating your information is simple--just visit www.tml.org/directoryupdate.


Ethics for Public Officials: Laws, Liability, and Learning to Govern Ethically

As a city official, you encounter ethical and liability dilemmas in every aspect of your position. What are some examples? Questions around employment decisions, dealing with the media, competitive bidding, open government, legislative issues, and other areas come before you and your city every day.    


Make plans now to join us in Austin, August 7-8, to attend this essential workshop on topics that affect the actions you and your city take. You will hear from dynamic speakers from the TML legal department, as well as other ethics and liability experts, who will guide you on how to avoid potential ethical pitfalls.


Registration is limited to the first 75 paid attendees, so visit the workshop website and register today.


Whether you're an elected or appointed city official, you need the media on your side to tell your story, reach your target audience, and generate support for key initiatives. In this one-hour TML webinar, Reyne Telles, Communications Director for Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell, and Alicia Dean, Senior Public Relations Specialist for the City of Austin, will share practical tips for successful media relations. They'll discuss:

  • Your role with the media
  • What makes a story newsworthy
  • How to prepare for a successful media interview

Thursday, July 10, 10:30 - 11:30 a.m.

Cost: $65 per computer connection

This webinar will sell out early. Learn more and register

The Handbook for Mayors and Councilmembers presents an overview of the functions, powers, and responsibilities of mayors and councilmembers. Topics include policy development, goal-setting, council meetings, conflicts of interest, standards of official conduct, budgeting, personal liability, and media relations.  


TML member cities can receive one copy of the handbook at no charge for each elected official, plus a reference copy for staff. Additional copies are $20 and can be ordered on the Publications page of the TML website. To inquire about your city's complimentary copies, contact us by email, or call 512-231-7400.


The SolutionsNet listserv makes it easy for you to access our most valuable resource-the experience and expertise of other member city officials. The TML listserv membership is open to all member city officials; all you have to do is complete a short online registration. Once a member, you have access to archived discussion threads and documents. Most importantly, you can post questions and respond to requests from other city officials.  


By participating in SolutionsNet, you are solving problems with your peers, and building a catalog of resources for yourself and others to access. And participating doesn't mean that your email inbox will be flooded with unwanted emails. The listserv allows you to customize what and how much information you receive.  


To become a part of the SolutionsNet community, visit the SolutionsNet page of the TML website.

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Texas City Management Association Annual Conference
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Best Practices for Working with the Media
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TML Small Cities' Problem-Solving Clinic
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TML Leadership Academy: Course 2 - Citizen Engagement and Collaboration
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Ethics for Public Officials: Laws, Liability, and Learning to Govern Ethically
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TML Newly Elected City Officials' Orientation
Las Colinas 
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TML Leadership Academy: Course 3 - Leading into the Future
Aug 29
TML Small Cities' Problem-Solving Clinic
Sep 30 - Oct 3
TML Annual Conference and Exhibition

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