November 8, 2013, Number 39

.pdf Version: TML Legislative Update Number 39


Legislation Seeks to Delay Implementation of Biggert-Waters Provisions
Newly proposed federal legislation would mitigate the effects of the Biggert-Waters Flood Insurance Reform Act (Act), a law passed in...


U.S. Supreme Court to Hear Several City-Related Cases
The U.S. Supreme Court has agreed to hear cases affecting cities on controversial topics, such as legislative prayer and demonstrations...


14th Annual Texas Youth Advisory Commission Summit

The 14th Annual Texas Youth Advisory Commission (YAC) Summit is a two-day, statewide event hosted by the City of Rockwall and sponsored by the Texas Municipal League. While the summit has a very serious mission of educating, inspiring, and empowering, it is also built for fun. Attendees will walk away with building blocks for future success thanks to a schedule overflowing with life lessons, practical advice, team-building exercises, and, of course, laughter.


Don't have a YAC but are interested in finding out what one can do for your city? Join us at the summit. Several of our active YAC groups got their start at a YAC summit. The summits are a great way to network with other adult and youth leaders.


Early registration is only $50 per attendee. For more information and to register, visit


View and Order 2013 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition Photos

We hope you had a productive and fun time at the 2013 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition. You can now view and order photos taken during the conference by visiting Under "Recent Photos," click the "Show All" button. The password is TML2013. If you prefer not to register, please select "Continue." Enjoy!


TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities  

The TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities covers everything you need to know, from the biggest sources of city revenue-property and sales taxes-on down to the most mundane and arcane-open records charges, raffles, even cemetery taxes.


The manual is organized alphabetically by revenue type and presented in an easy-to-understand, question-and-answer format. For each type of revenue, the basics are covered first-such as how the revenue source is adopted, who collects it, on what it can be spent, and so forth. More advanced material is included as well, such as strategic considerations about how particular sources of revenue interact with other taxes and fees, and how to switch from one revenue stream to another. The handbook should be useful to councilmembers, management, finance officers and staff, and city attorneys.


Order the TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities now for only $10. 

Region 10
December 10, 2013
Jan 30-31Texas City Management Association William "King" Cole Session 1
Feb 7-9TML Elected Officials' Conference
San Antonio
Feb 22-23Texas Youth Advisory Commission Summit
Feb 27-28Texas City Management Clinic
Feb 28TML Small Cities' Problem-Solving Clinic
Meadows Place

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