As reported in previous editions of the Legislative Update , the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) has sent a letter to cities with a population of more...  


Alcoholic Beverage Permits: H.B. 2818 Explained
House Bill 2818 (R. Sheffield/Carona), a bill affecting alcohol sales, passed during the regular legislative session and will be effective on...

Department of State Health Services Proposes New Animal Euthanasia Rules
The Texas Department of State Health Services has recently proposed rules implementing Senate Bill 360, which relates to animal euthanasia and...


Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) at the 2013 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, October 8-11 in Austin

Receiving recognition for your commitment to continuing education is easier than you think. When you attend the 2013 TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, you are well on your way to securing a certificate through the Texas Municipal League Institute (TMLI) program. In fact, you can earn up to 17 CEUs at the conference-that is almost halfway to receiving the TMLI Certificate of Recognition.


TMLI is a voluntary certification program for elected officials and is sponsored by TML and the Association of Mayors, Councilmembers and Commissioners (AMCC). The highest level of recognition an elected official can obtain is Certified Municipal Official (CMO). For details on the CMO designation and other certificate levels, go to the TMLI section of the TML website.


Register for the conference now. Registration fees increase if you register after September 4.


TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities

The TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities covers everything you need to know, from the biggest sources of city revenue-property and sales taxes-on down to the most mundane and arcane-open records charges, raffles, even cemetery taxes.


The manual is organized alphabetically by revenue type and presented in an easy-to-understand, question-and-answer format. For each type of revenue, the basics are covered first-such as how the revenue source is adopted, who collects it, on what it can be spent, and so forth. More advanced material is included as well, such as strategic considerations about how particular sources of revenue interact with other taxes and fees, and how to switch from one revenue stream to another. The handbook should be useful to councilmembers, management, finance officers and staff, and city attorneys.


Order the TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities now for only $10.


TML Business Service Partner Spotlight: Sales Tax Analysis and Reporting Service (STARS)

The Sales Tax Analysis and Reporting Service (STARS) offered by MuniServices, LLC, monitors sales tax revenue and clearly forecasts future sales tax revenue streams. The quarterly STARS reports give you the information you need to prepare detailed and accurate budgeting reports and can be a helpful economic development planning tool. For a full description of the valuable services our partners provide, visit the TML Business Service Partner page on the TML website.


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The Facebook page is used in a few different ways. It's used to promote the things that cities provide, like clean water, parks, public safety, and everything in between. It's also used as a fun way to connect with city officials and citizens, from interesting quotes to the Time Travel Through Texas each Wednesday, you will always find something fun posted-six days a week! Like us on Facebook


The Twitter account is used as a way to keep you informed about everything going on throughout the state. From events hosted by our member cities to workshops and the Annual Conference to the Legislative Session-Twitter is perfect for the busy city official, staff member, and legislator to stay informed! Follow us on Twitter


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