June 14, 2013, Number 22
Immediately after the Eighty-Third Regular Legislative Session concluded, the governor called a special legislative session to deal with state and congressional...
  • Property Tax
    1H.B. 40 (E. Rodriguez) - Property Tax Appraisal: would: (1) for purposes of appraisal as "qualified open-space land," require a chief appraiser to...  
  • Purchasing
    1H.B. 39 (E. Rodriguez) - Local Preference:  would provide thata local governmental entity that purchases agricultural products: (1) shall give..  
  • Elections
    1H.B. 46 (Dutton) - Redistricting: would provide that: (1) an incarcerated person is included in the population data used for redistricting...  
  • Open Government
    1H.B. 43 (Callegari) - Public Retirement System Information: would: (1) provide that "individual record" information that could reasonably be...  
  • Other Finance/Administration Bills
    1H.B. 51 (Callegari) - Retirement Systems:  would: (1) require each actuarially funded retirement system with an infinite amortization period to...   
  • Community and Economic Development
    1S.B. 39 (Patrick) - Regulatory Takings: would provide: (1) that the application of any law, rule, policy, ordinance, or regulation that has the effect...  
  • Personnel
    1S.B. 30 (Patrick) - Immigration:  would: (1) prohibit an employer, including a city, from employing an undocumented immigrant; (2) create a complaint...  
  • Public Safety
    1H.B. 34 (Gooden) - Handguns: would authorize: (1) a prosecutor who holds a concealed handgun license to carry essentially anywhere; and (2) such a...
  • Utilities and Environment
    1H.B. 50 (Callegari) - Desalination: would: (1) require the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality to adopt rules to allow...  
  • Transportation
    1H.B. 23 (Pickett) - Transportation Funding: would: (1) authorize the Texas Department of Transportation to require...

Texas Home Rule Charters-Second Edition (2010)

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Texas Home Rule Charters Second Edition (2010).


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