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June 7, 2013, Number 21

.pdf Version: TML Legislative Update Number 21


Only minutes after the Eighty-Third Regular Legislative Session concluded, the governor called a special legislative session to deal with state and congressional redistricting.  More specifically, the stated purpose of the special...
From private emails and meetings by videoconference to funding for the state water plan and financial transparency, the legislature passed over 220 bills relating to cities...
Municipal Bonds Update
President Obama's fiscal year 2014 budget proposal recommends capping the tax-exemption of municipal bonds at 28 percent. The federal General Accounting Office recommended eliminating tax exempt status...
State law requires each elected or appointed member of a governmental body to take at least one hour of training on both the Open Meetings Act and the Public Information Act. In addition, a city's officer for public information...

Join the SolutionsNet Listserv

Need some advice on starting a community garden? Interested in how other cities have structured their paid time off policy? Looking for a sample cell phone use policy? Wonder if other cities are outsourcing a particular position? Just ask. With SolutionsNet, you can reach out to other city officials and tap into their experience and expertise.


SolutionsNet is more than an ordinary listserv. It is a web-based communication system that allows you to ask questions, respond to inquiries, post documents, and search archived discussion threads. You can even customize what and how much information you receive in your email inbox. SolutionsNet is a complimentary service open to all TML member city officials. Join the SolutionsNet community today.


TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities

Do you ever wonder if your city takes advantage of all the various revenue sources available to it? Do you wish you could lower your property tax rate, but can't find the funds to offset it? Are you afraid that you're missing something simple when it comes to revenues that every other city knows about, except you?


The TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities covers everything you need to know, from the biggest sources of city revenue-property and sales taxes--on down to the most mundane and arcane--open records charges, raffles, even cemetery taxes. The manual is organized alphabetically by revenue type and presented in an easy-to-understand, question-and-answer format, similar to the Legal Q&A column that's so popular in Texas Town & City. For each type of revenue, the basics are covered first-such as how the revenue source is adopted, who collects it, on what it can be spent, and so forth. More advanced material is included as well, such as strategic considerations about how particular sources of revenue interact with other taxes and fees, and how to switch from one revenue stream to another. The handbook should be useful to councilmembers, management, finance officers and staff, and city attorneys. Order the TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities now for only $10.


TMLI is a voluntary certification program for elected officials and is sponsored by TML and the Association of Mayors, Councilmembers and Commissioners (AMCC). The highest level of recognition an elected official can obtain is Certified Municipal Official (CMO). Receiving recognition for your commitment to continuing education through TMLI is easier than you think. For details on the CMO designation and other certificate levels, go to the TMLI section of the TML website.


How Cities Work

The How Cities Work publication is a useful reference tool for new employees and a great educational tool for citizens. It contains a collection of articles describing the important functions and vital services cities provide. TML member cities can order copies of How Cities Work by emailing the TML Member Services Department. Please include your mailing address and the number of copies you would like to receive. The booklets are available at no charge to TML member cities.

Region 5
June 20, 2013
Iowa Park
Region 11
June 21, 2013
Region 3
June 27, 2013
Region 10
June 27, 2013

Region 7
July 12, 2013
Eagle Pass
Region 6
July 18, 2013

Region 14
August 16-17, 2013
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