May 10, 2013, Number 18

Senate Passes Fiscal Transparency Bill

On Thursday, May 9, the Senate passed S.B. 14 by Senator Tommy Williams by a vote of 29 to 1. S.B. 14 is the "fiscal transparency" bill that is supported by the Texas ...


Senate Bill 1563 Much Improved: Still Makes Personal Emails and Texts Public Information  

On May 7, the Senate unanimously approved S.B. 1563 by Senator Rodney Ellis. The as-filed bill attempted to clarify the emails and texts sent or received by a public...


Significant Floor Actions

H.B. 396 (Thompson), relating to providing a federal postcard applicant with a ballot for any election in which the applicant is eligible to vote. Passed the House. ... 


Significant Committee Actions  

H.B. 365 (Martinez), relating to certain diseases or illnesses suffered by firefighters and emergency medical technicians. Reported from the House Committee on Urban... 


City Officials Testify 

When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City officials who take their time to travel to Austin to speak...  


.pdf Version: TML Legislative Update Number 18

TML Business Service Partner Spotlight: Fixed-Rate Fuel Program

The Fixed-Rate Fuel Program by the Texas Association of School Boards (TASB) allows cities to secure a fixed rate for transportation fuel amidst the ever-changing cost of gasoline. The program allows your city to budget for transportation fuels effectively, predictably, and at a cost savings. For a full description of the valuable services our partners provide, visit the TML Business Service Partner page on the TML website.


Don't Miss Out: Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Award Deadline Is June 7 

The Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Awards recognize and encourage the achievements of Texas cities in meeting the challenge of municipal government. The competition is divided into two population categories-cities less than 25,000 in population and cities over 25,000 in population. Within each of the two population categories, there are five subject categories-management innovations, communication programs, city spirit, public safety, and public works. The deadline to submit applications is June 7, 2013.


Elected Official's Packet Has You Covered 

The Elected Official's Packet contains several essential TML publications and informational materials, including the Handbook for Mayors and Councilmembers and the How Cities Work publication. TML member cities can receive one packet at no charge for each elected official, plus a reference copy for city staff. To inquire about your city's complimentary packets, send an email to the TML Member Services Department. Please include your mailing address and the number of packets you would like to receive.


Sam Houston State University's Center for Rural Studies Releases the Texas Rural Survey Results

Texans living in rural areas may have less access to quality amenities and services, but those citizens are, overall, happy in their communities, according to researchers at Sam Houston State University's Center for Rural Studies. The team of sociologists analyzed responses from 4,111 households in 22 rural communities across the state for the inaugural Texas Rural Survey, the results of which were recently released.


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