May 3, 2013, Number 17 

Trio of Bad Bills Would End City Regulation Over State License Holders

Three bills moving through the legislative process would prohibit cities from regulating individuals who hold state licenses. ...


Will the State Water Plan Be Funded this Legislative Session? 

The estimated total capital cost of the 2012 State Water Plan, which represents the cost of all water management strategies recommended by regions across Texas in their regional water plans, is more than $50 billion. ...


Attorney General Opinion: Domestic Partner Benefits

On April 29, the Texas attorney general issued an opinion - GA-1003 - concluding that it is unconstitutional for cites and other political subdivisions to offer "domestic partner" benefits to their employees. ... 


Federal Marketplace Fairness Act Nears Senate Vote 

On April 25, the United States Senate overwhelmingly approved a procedural motion to bring debate to a close on the Marketplace Fairness Act. ... 


Public Input Sought on New NFPA Fire Prevention Standard 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) is seeking public input on the first draft of a standard that focuses on certain elements of fire prevention programs. ... 


TML Names Legislator of the Month for April 

Representative Linda Harper-Brown (R - Irving) is the TML Legislator of the Month for April 2013. Representative Harper-Brown represents House District 105... 


Significant Floor Actions 

H.B. 4 (Ritter), relating to the creation and funding of the state water implementation fund for Texas to assist the Texas Water Development Board in the funding of certain water-related projects. ...


Significant Committee Actions  

H.B. 278 (Craddick), relating to the liability of a municipality for certain space flight activities. Reported from the Senate Committee on State Affairs. ...


City-Related Bills Filed 

S.B. 1918 (Campbell) - Permit Vesting: would provide that: (1) an application for a final plat, ...


City Officials Testify 

When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City officials who take their time to travel to Austin... 


.pdf Version: TML Legislative Update Number 17

Texas Association of Former Municipal Officials (TAFMO)

Each year, the League loses contact with many veteran elected and appointed officials as they conclude their time in public service to Texas cities. With these departures, the knowledge and experience these former city officials gained over the years are lost to TML. The Texas Association of Former Municipal Officials (TAFMO) provides an opportunity for former municipal officials and TML to stay in touch. Benefits include a subscription to Texas Town & City magazine, special registration rates to the TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, and the opportunity to network with former colleagues.


TML Business Service Partner Spotlight: MuniServices, LLC-Monthly Change Report Service

The Monthly Change Report Service by MuniServices, LLC, allows you to quickly review monthly sales tax revenue by industry type. The report also provides data on sales tax revenue from the previous year for comparison purposes. For a full description of the valuable services our partners provide, visit the TML Business Service Partner page on the TML website.


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