April 5, 2013, Number 13 
Tree Preservation Ordinances: "Crazy, Asinine, and the Biggest Scam in the State of Texas" Video Presentation Available
That's exactly what a state legislator said to city representatives who testified against H.B. 1858 (Workman) on April 2...
Ensuring that a Sunday school classroom has smoke detectors does not infringe on anyone's practice of religion...  

Fiscal Transparency Bill's Impact on Certificates of Obligation
H.B. 14 by Representative Jim Pitts (known as the "fiscal transparency" bill) would impose numerous financial reporting requirements on local governments...  

TCEQ Proposes Rainwater Harvesting Rules
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) recently released Rule Project Number 2011-057-290-OW, which relates to rainwater harvesting...  

Internet Notice Bill Heard in House Committee Video Presentation Available
On April 1, the House Committee on Government Efficiency and Reform heard H.B. 3646 by Representative Linda Harper-Brown...  

TML Names Legislator of the Month for March
Representative Mike Villarreal (D - San Antonio) is the TML Legislator of the Month for March 2013...  

Significant Floor Actions
H.B. 4 (Ritter), relating to the creation and funding of the state water implementation fund for Texas to assist the Texas Water Development Board in the funding of certain water-related projects...  

Significant Committee Actions
H.B. 77 (Guillen), relating to verification of financial responsibility by peace officers before issuing certain citations...  

City Officials Testify
When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City officials who take their time to travel to Austin to speak... 


.pdf Version: TML Legislative Update Number 13


Video Clip AvailableVideo clip of testimony is available in this article.

Your City Deserves the Recognition: Apply for a Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Award

The Texas Municipal League Municipal Excellence Awards recognize and encourage the achievements of Texas cities in meeting the challenge of municipal government. The competition is divided into two population categories-cities less than 25,000 in population and cities over 25,000 in population. Within each of the two population categories, there are five subject categories-management innovations, communication programs, city spirit, public safety, and public works. The deadline to submit applications is June 7, 2013.


TML Business Service Partner Spotlight: GovQA (311 Customer Service System)

WebQA's Web-based software, GovQA, provides TML members with a proven 24/7 solution for managing all citizen requests and questions. The 311 customer service system's information knowledge base, workflow engines, and communication tools help cities assist their citizens effectively and efficiently. For a full description of the valuable services our partners provide, visit the TML Business Service Partner page on the TML Web site.


Texas Association of Former Municipal Officials (TAFMO)

Each year, the League loses contact with many veteran elected and appointed officials as they conclude their time in public service to Texas cities. With these departures, the knowledge and experience these former city officials gained over the years are lost to TML. The Texas Association of Former Municipal Officials (TAFMO) provides an opportunity for former municipal officials and TML to stay in touch. Benefits include a subscription to Texas Town & City magazine, special registration rates to the TML Annual Conference and Exhibition, and the opportunity to network with former colleagues.

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