March 29, 2013, Number 12

Open Meetings Act Lawsuit Comes to an End
Last Monday, the U.S. Supreme Court denied the petition for writ of certiorari (i.e., request to hear the case) in Asgeirsson v. Abbott. The court's denial brings eight years of litigation...

Senate Committee Considers Revenue Caps Video Presentation Available
On March 25, the Senate Finance Subcommittee on Fiscal Matters heard two revenue cap bills (S.B. 102 and S.B. 144) that would restrict the ability of a city council...

TCEQ Releases Updated Wastewater Treatment Guidelines
The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has updated its guidelines for initiating enforcement actions against wastewater treatment plants. Enforcement action is now...

Significant Floor Actions
H.B. 1600 (Cook), relating to the continuation and functions of the Public Utility Commission of Texas, and to the transfer of certain functions from the Texas Commission...
H.B. 434 (Riddle), relating to the person authorized to take a blood specimen from a vehicle operator to test for alcohol concentration or other intoxicating substances. Reported...

City-Related Bills Filed
S.J.R. 64 (Carona) - Gambling: would: (1) authorize the operation of casino games and slot machines by a limited number of licensed operators and certain Indian tribes; (2) tax...

City Officials Testify
When the legislature is in session, nothing compares to the effectiveness of city officials testifying at the Capitol. City officials who take their time to travel to Austin to speak... 


.pdf Version: TML Legislative Update Number 12


Video Clip AvailableVideo clip of testimony is available in this article.

Public Funds Investment Act (PFIA) Workshop for Small Cities - NEW WORKSHOP SCHEDULED FOR MAY

It is time for an encore. For those of you who missed our sold-out March PFIA Workshop, we have scheduled a repeat performance on May 16-17 in Austin. And if history is any indicator, you will want to reserve your seat soon. Our all-star lineup of instructors is sure to sell out again.


PFIA training is not only a good idea, it is required. The treasurer, the chief financial officer (if the treasurer is not the chief financial officer), and the investment officer must attend at least one training session, ten hours in length, within 12 months after taking office and must take ten hours of instruction every two years.


The TML workshop meets the training requirements under state law and is designed for beginners and professionals, including elected and appointed city officials, with little expertise in managing investment portfolios. The PFIA workshop for small cities provides all the necessary information, but with a focus on the special needs of cities with populations of 15,000 and less.


TML Business Service Partner Spotlight: Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Revenue Service 

The Hotel Occupancy Tax (HOT) Revenue Service offered by MuniServices, LLC, helps generate the revenue and information needed to better promote your city's hospitality. Available services include an analysis of lodging tax revenue, a legal and administrative review of HOT ordinances and procedures, and tax and hospitality training for both city officials and lodging providers. For a full description of the valuable services our partners provide, visit the TML Business Service Partner page on the TML Web site.


2013 Annual TML Tax and Debt Survey Results Are Available

The 2013 Annual TML Tax and Debt Survey results are now available online. This year, 657 cities responded to the survey (1,213 surveys were distributed).


Join the SolutionsNet Listserv

SolutionsNet is more than an ordinary listserv. It is a Web-based communication system that allows you to ask questions, respond to inquiries, post documents, and search archived discussion threads. You can even customize what and how much information you receive in your e-mail inbox. SolutionsNet is a complimentary service open to all TML member city officials.


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