July 7, 2016
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Visit cityofnovi.org/trash to learn more about the new program
There's a new look to trash and recycling services for most residents in Novi as Waste Management started pickup in neighborhoods last Friday.

This change will be a phased approach, with residents being asked to use their current waste carts from their previous provider or their own 35-gallon container and trash bags.

New carts will be rolled out in early September, with everyone in the program receiving a 96-gallon trash cart and 64-gallon recycling cart. Residents can also request a smaller trash cart via a returned postcard, which will be included with the new carts.

The $159 annual cost for the new program will be collected as a fee on your tax bill. Since summer tax bills have been processed, your initial trash collection fee will all be included with winter taxes and will cover service for the entire year. Moving forward, the fee will be split between summer and winter tax bills.

To learn more about the program, visit cityofnovi.org/trash or call the Waste Management Customer Service line at 866-797-9018.
Public meetings on July 14 at Fire Station #1 & Lakeshore Park
Come share an ice cream cone with City administrators at a pair of public information meetings on Thursday, July 14 regarding the proposed Capital Improvements Program millage that will go before voters on August 2. 

Meetings will take place at 6pm at Fire Station #1 at 42975 Grand River Avenue and at 7:30pm at Lakeshore Park at 601 S. Lake Drive. The goal is to provide residents with information about the proposal as well as answer any questions.

The proposed 1.0 mill tax would generate an estimated $3.2 million annually, or a little more than $32 million over the course of 10 years. If the City were to propose a bond instead of asking for a millage, the City would pay off the bonds over a period of 15 years with interest, making the total cost for the same projects $40.2 million.

Novi's current CIP plan includes more than $97 million in total projects over the next six years. This $97 million includes water, sewer, roads and drain projects that are budgeted for out of other funds. This millage will not be used those items and also cannot be used for operations or payroll.

If the millage is approved, the approximate annual property tax increase to the owner of a home having a true cash (market) value of $250,000 (taxable value of $125,000) would be $125.

For more information on the CIP Millage and projects included in the plan, visit cityofnovi.org/CIPmillage.
Fulfill requirements needed to get CPL at class on July 16
Obtain your Michigan Concealed Pistol License at the Civilian Pistol Safety Class at the Novi Police Department on July 16.

The class fulfills both the classroom and shooting requirements needed to obtain a CPL. Registration forms are available online at cityofnovi.org and at the Novi Police Department. Completed forms and the $150 course fee (cash or money order) may be returned to the Novi Police Department. Class size is limited, and all participants are subject to a criminal background check.

Students must bring their own equipment, including a personal handgun, 100 rounds of ammunition, safety glasses, shooter's earmuffs or ear plugs, a pen or pencil, a baseball cap, and wear loose comfortable clothing to participate in the course. Participants must be 21 years old and do not have to be a Novi resident to attend.

For more information, visit cityofnovi.org or contact Sergeant Michael Warren at mwarren@cityofnovi.org or 248.348.7100.
Register cell phone to receive important notifications
Residents and business owners are being asked to register their cell phones to the City's new Emergency Notification System.

The system will alert subscribers when there is a significant incident in Novi that would require immediate action. Currently, Novi has the ability to send this information to landlines, but with many people eliminating those the reach isn't as impactful.

Registering is voluntary and free. When a notification is sent it will be received as an incoming phone call and will provide information through a computer generated voice.

Some examples include:
  • Chemical spills impacting public health
  • Active shooter situations causing an evacuation or shelter-in-place orders
  • Significant road closures such as highway closures or events that will significantly alter traffic flow
  • Closure or interruption in service to City of Novi operations
  • Additional notifications affecting the health and safety of residents and/or businesses
For more information about the Emergency Notification System or to register, visit cityofnovi.org.