Daniel Hughes knows paint.  It is through the remarkable intensity of his technical abilities, paired with his uniquely skilled approach, that he can create works that enable the viewer to both see the physical and consider the psychological in the subject matter of his paintings.  The large scale figurative works explore the topography of the human condition and are complemented with luminous landscapes and abstract compositions in Hughes' 2016 solo exhibition Convalescence.

Join Daniel Hughes in celebration of his new body of work at the gallery on Thursday, May 12th from 6pm to 8pm.  The exhibition opens at 10am, May 12th and runs until June 2nd.  Please read on for further information under our On The Walls feature.

In additional art news, we look to the new works on paper of Brian Burke (R.C.A.), share word on new works in from artists' studios, discuss upcoming events and exhibitions at the gallery and revisit Travis Shilling's notable solo last month.

May 12 - June 2 . 2016

Artist's opening reception: Thursday, May 12 from 6pm-8pm

There is a halo around the outline of some of these subjects,
an electricity that energizes them. -Mark Sinnett

The exquisite layers of Daniel Hughes' works are beautifully presented in this collection of new oil paintings.  Through re-discovering and playing with traditional technique, Hughes creates a profound depth to his work.  The inner luminosity of his paintings is achieved through his refined and confident process of building up the layers of paint, sanding, glazing, stripping and over-painting.  The depth of the works are echoed in the subject matter -- the chapters of our human experience, our life stories -- as they end up being told in the folds of our skin, mapped out on our faces in later life.      

As portraits of the artist as he sees self in others, in those close to him, the works are also mirrors of how others may see themselves and how we see our personal histories.  The cast of characters are real, all coming from Hughes' life experiences.  The people that impact and provide the mirror to his existence; father, fellow artist, his doctor, the storyteller and friend -- all offering a lens through which Hughes and the viewer can (re)discover themselves.  

And all of it writ really large here, the in-your-face scale of these works being integral to their message. But Daniel Hughes has cast his gaze over the good bits and also the slowly failing pieces of his own life and those around him with such intensity and bravado that the effects are bracing and thrilling, and utterly life-affirming.
-Mark Sinnett

Daniel Hughes was born in 1968 in Kingston, Ontario.  After completing his B.F.A. at the Ontario College of Art, he graduated with honours (M.F.A.) from the New York Academy of Art in 1995.  Hughes is the recipient of numerous awards, including The Elizabeth Greenshields Award for Figurative Art which he has received twice, Hughes was also shortlisted for The Kingston Prize in both 2005 (winner of the People's Choice award) and 2015.

Please contact the gallery for all purchase and press queries, the exhibition catalogue, the artist's CV as well as for the full Dan Hughes' Convalescence essay.

With special thanks to storyteller and friend of the artist Mark Sinnett.



Enticing new works on paper have arrived at the gallery from Brian Burke's studio in Lucerne, Switzerland.  The give of ground and the quality of a surface are of great importance to a painter.  In conversation Burke shared that he thoroughly enjoyed the play of paint and how it could be pushed over the paper's surface.  Taking his creative genius further, Burke has rendered some of these gems on found paper.  The cerebral play of ground and subject matter is consummately presented to the viewer in this new collection.

Also working on a rather unique and sumptuous ground, that of mylar, is Toronto based artist Jessica Levman.  We extend a warm welcome to Levman as she joins the gallery with new works from studio alongside some of her early masterful print works.  Please stay tuned for a full feature profile of Jessica Levman in our next issue of Ingram Art News.

Peter Mitchell is in studio.  His latest work, Lunchbreak (below) arrived and went straight to the gallery wall for all to enjoy.  Ryan Dineen is also in studio with two new canvases recently completed.  Prince Harry, during his recent visit to Toronto, was hosted by The Honorable Lieutenant Governor in her suite at Queen's Park.  The work of Ryan Dineen and other accomplished artists that are part of the Identity: Art Inspired by the Great Lakes exhibition provided the backdrop.  Please click here for the official photo album of the visit: Reception in Honour of Prince Harry.

Our 2016 Exhibition Schedule is a great reference throughout the year to keep informed of gallery events and exhibitions.  We host the return of the Kensington Art Academy's annual student year end exhibition on June 8th and 9th.  In its third year, this exhibition is most rewarding for all involved.  As an artist and educator, Sara Sniderhan gives in ways that her students will grow and learn from throughout their teens and into adulthood.  As a fee-free art school, the Kensington Art Academy (KAA) is a beacon of hope -- enriching lives through the vitality of art and the power of creation.

The Mid-Century Modernist 
June 11 - 25 . 2016

Later in the month we open The Mid-Century Modernist.  This multifaceted exhibition pays tribute, with paintings and sculptures from the 50s and 60s, to the mid-century modern movement as a historical milestone and a living ideal. (Right: Harold Town: Start Right Go Left, 1959)

Please contact the gallery for further information on our current and all future 2016 exhibitions.


There was something magnificent to Travis Shilling's opening night celebration at the gallery last month.  A very special thank you to all that attended.  To the performers that enriched the salon style evening alongside their dear friend Travis - we say thank you!  We are thankful for all the people that support and encourage creativity and community.

For those that have yet to see the VICE TV interview with Travis Shilling by Sarain Carson-Fox in his studio the week before Shilling's show opened -- please find here a direct link to the piece.  You can also learn and see more about his latest paintings here.

The return of the bright light of the spring sun means our gallery bench is back out on our front terrace.  The light that spills through the gallery each day gives us pause in appreciation for the sensational space for viewing art that is our beautiful building.  We are also fortunate to call the village of Yorkville home -- now abloom with spring flowers as well as international visitors.  Each day sees purposeful connections and enthusiastic art filled conversations.  This is your gallery to enjoy.  Please visit often and let's learn about art and life together.  With Daniel Hughes' new works on the walls and the life force within them -- there could not be a better month to do so.

We look forward to seeing you at the gallery for Hughes' opening reception Thursday, May 12th from 6pm to 8pm.

All the best,

Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery 

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