St. Bernard Brandy, Travis Shilling's follow-up solo exhibition to Unfinished (Ingram Gallery, 2014) opens Thursday, April 7th.  We invite you to join Shilling at the gallery between 6pm and 8pm in celebration of opening day.  Ignited in the last works, a new perspective is presented in this collection through a deeper consideration and connection with his land -- the surrounding forests, water and islands of Lakes Couchiching and Simcoe.

The renewal that spring brings forth is echoed on the gallery walls this month with many new works in from the artists and artists' estates that we work with.  Ahead in this new issue of Ingram Art News: studio reports on Daniel Hughes' solo next month and a feature on new works available by Harold Town and Joe Rosenthal, including noteworthy mid-century oils.

St. Bernard Brandy
April 7 - 27 . 2016

Artist's opening reception: Thursday, April 7 from 6pm-8pm

The life of an artist is unique and not one that can be defined in general terms.  Did Shilling choose to be an artist, or was he born to walk the path he does?  Some questions need not see answers -- Shilling paints.  He often does so in silence, alone, brush in hand, under the cover of night in his family studio.  Born in 1978 in Rama, Ontario, Shilling is aware of his personal and family history synergizing with the world around him as catalyst for what he paints.

The new works in St. Bernard Brandy vary in scale and palette while presenting a cohesive statement.  Shilling has painted 'what can be happened upon', a glimpse at what is right here, at what can be considered and reflected upon around us.  Whether the Green and Black Rivers that flow by, the tree stands upon the land or the reflective puddles of spring thaw, the subject matter is what is -- what he/we are part of everyday. kind of become the animal wandering through the forest.

Since his last solo exhibition, Shilling has participated in three notable public gallery exhibitions in Canada.  He has been nominated for The 2016 Ontario Arts Council Aboriginal Arts Award and was interviewed by VICE Television in his studio just a few short days ago (scheduled to air this week).  Shilling's creative capacity is significant in that in addition to his fine art he is also a filmmaker and playwright.  Looking at the now of Shilling's career -- this is a potent moment for his voice, for his art.
There are sixteen new oil paintings in St. Bernard Brandy.  Please contact the gallery for all purchase and press queries.  Please click here for an online preview.



The innovation of acclaimed Canadian art star Harold Town is laudable.  His international reach and achievements as an artist combine as a seminal moment in Canadian art history.  Born in Toronto, Ontario in 1924 Town grew to such memorable heights that those that knew him always have a story to share when they visit the gallery.  It is his compelling personality and personal pledge to his art practice that enabled him to break boundaries in both art and art criticism.  Through trying and excelling in all media he was able to create within several successful series.  The multiple series of Town's career are as thrilling as they are defining. 

Town's versatility, productivity and innate bravado left critics with the conundrum of how to typecast him.  Many did not know what to make of him and furthermore did
not understand or accept Abstract Expressionism. Town's multidisciplinary output and evolving styles had them baffled.

-Iris Nowell from
Harold Town (2015)

We have new in at the gallery works from Town's Snaps, Parks, French Postcards, SAPs, Vale Variations, Toy Horses and additional series, as well as smaller scaled works and choice pieces from the 1950s.  Please click here to view a few of the new works.


Also new in at the gallery is a collection from Joe Rosenthal (R.C.A.).  Among the new works, Lovers from 1965 is currently hanging in the Collectors' Den window of our second floor.  Born in 1921 Rosenthal produced exceptional paintings and sculptures throughout his career.  Exploring the human form, its vulnerability, its beauty and its cycle -- Rosenthal sought to answer his own questions about life's meaning while supporting the viewer in doing the same. 

Please click here to view additional works by Rosenthal.
May 12 - June 2 . 2016

Artist's opening reception: Thursday, May 12 from 6pm-8pm


Daniel Hughes has been creating in studio for the better part of a year.  His dedication to paint and his motivation to always improve as a painter is palpable in the new works.  Large scale oil canvases featuring centrally composed, larger than life figures are complemented by his skilled hand landscapes and abstracts compositions.  Currently  installed in our main gallery window, Hughes' painting Studio Portrait #2, featuring fellow artist Shayne Dark from his last solo at the gallery (From the studio, 2014), hangs as a link to what will be at the gallery this May.

Figures just excite me. ... It's the hardest thing to do. Painting the figure is the biggest challenge, I'm a problem solver. My dad was a mathematician, and he's a problem solver, so I think I got it from him. Learning how to paint the figure is all about problem solving.

-Daniel Hughes

Please save the date to join Daniel Hughes at the gallery May 12th.

Right: Storyteller #1, 2016 oil on canvas, 48 x 36 inches

Ontario Arts Council:
95% of Ontarians believe that the arts enrich the quality of our lives

(Source: The Arts and The Quality of Life: The Attitudes of Ontarians)

We see this very fact at the gallery each day.  Collectors, art lovers, artists and art students of all ages are inspired and energized when they visit the gallery.  From little ones with their parents, to octogenarians with their children -- the generations come together in their appreciation of art & culture.  This is your gallery.  As a meeting place, as a round table, as a space to clear your mind, or invigorate your creativity -- what you make of the gallery is yours to enjoy.
Travis Shilling's reception Thursday night, April 7th from 6pm to 8pm, marks the opening of St. Bernard Brandy which runs through until April 27th.  We are looking forward to seeing you at the gallery soon.  Thank you to all for your ongoing support and enthusiasm -- your love of art completes the creative circle.

My best wishes,

Tarah Aylward, Director   
Ingram Gallery 

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