Keeping with the exceptional pace and positivity in the city and at the gallery, we open Sean Yelland: Just a Moment Thursday, October 2nd with an opening reception at the gallery from 6pm to 8pm.  Last month's tremendous Travis Shilling solo saw a most memorable opening celebration and we thank all of you that made the night so special.  We have a good deal of art news to get to in this new issue, including Yelland's solo exhibition, Peter Mitchell's ahead, Sara Sniderhan as curator, and the Canadian Print collection of Ernst & Young.

Just a Moment
October 2 - 22 . 2014

Opening reception with Yelland: Thursday, October 2nd | 6pm - 8pm

Sean Yelland's love of painting, whether creating or appreciating, comes through in the very reason behind his choice of subject matter; Yelland paints what he would hang in his own space.  Marked by attentiveness to all aspects of composition and details, Yelland's new canvases present a beautiful truth about the city he lives in and those he travels to.  Yelland takes us by way of his keen precision to a super-reality in his meticulously rendered works.  Paired with witty titles and a hyper-saturated palette, Yelland's new paintings present a purposeful play on the central composition that might almost go overlooked by the viewer.
He writes of his mesmerizing controlled views: With a similar vantage in many of the  paintings the viewer is taken on a walk through city streets; a voyeur to the stillness and silence that is rare in a large metropolis.

Born in Toronto in 1966, Sean Yelland is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art & Design (1989) and has been exhibiting professionally since the early 1990s.  Just a Moment is his 9th solo exhibition at Ingram Gallery.  The new collection features fourteen (14) new paintings.

Please contact the gallery for the exhibition catalogue as a PDF.

November 6 - 22 . 2014

Please save the date: Opening reception
Thursday, November 6th | 6pm to 8pm
While shaping and building a homestead, raising a family and tuning to life outside the city, Peter Mitchell has kept the studio light on throughout.  His first solo with the gallery,  Undone opens on November 6th.  Mitchell has a line all his own, and subject matter that is born of where he has been and where he is going.  The new works in his upcoming solo exhibition are the result of a dedicated artist with an authentic vision and ceaseless creativity.

| 2014 Creemore Festival of the Arts
Curated by Sara Sniderhan
October 4 - 5 . 2014

Peter Mitchell, along with Sean Yelland, Rachel Berman and Sara Sniderhan are part of Creemore's Festival of the Arts taking place the weekend of October 4th & 5th.  Sniderhan presents, in her first time curating, Inspired: Works By 11 Acclaimed Canadian Artists.
I would like to dedicate this exhibition to the late Rachel Berman, who passed in the spring, after agreeing to be a part of this show. Rachel was a true artist spirit whose work will continue to inspire generations of artists and art lovers. -Sara Sniderhan

Please click here for further information.

EY Canadian Print Collection

For over 150 years, art has been a major part of our EY culture - whether historical prints, which are reminders of our past, or more contemporary art prints.
-Trent Henry, CEO (2014)

  Left to right: Takao Tanabe, David Blackwood, Florence Vale, Harold Town

The move to a new open concept office tower in 2017 has brought about the deaccession of notable prints from the Ernst & Young (EY) collection, one of the largest collections of original prints in Canada.  Ingram Gallery is heading the process and as such will act as hub to viewing, learning about and acquiring original prints from the collection.

Over a 40 year period, with curator Ed Phillips at the helm, EY assembled a superb collection of important works by Canadian art giants.  EY also sponsored the Great Canadian Print Making competition (1995-2005) taking Canadian printmaking to a new level.  From Harold Town's ground breaking Single Autographic Prints (SAPs), through to the etchings of David Blackwood, the screenprints of Christopher Pratt, to unique print works by Barker Fairley and John Hartman -- the works are indicative of technical innovation and mastery of challenging mediums.

There is a a lively energy and excitement to printmaking.  With roots going back to ancient techniques in making an impression, printmaking includes etchings, engravings, lithography, woodcuts, linocuts, block prints, mezzotints, silkscreens and aquatints, to name a few.  Collecting prints was first available through Agnès Lefort Gallery in 1950 in Montreal.  

Read more on the history of printmaking & collecting in Canada here.  View works available from the collection on our website.

From creation in studio, to the gallery, and then into collections in both public & private spaces -- we are thankful for the rhythmic and rewarding cycle of the gallery.  The start of each month means something new, every Saturday afternoon social means great art conversations and each and every opening reception finds us loving community and your support. We are very excited for you to see Sean Yelland's latest works in Just a Moment.  Please join us Thursday night, October 2nd at the gallery.  Visit often this autumn and please let us know how we can be of help.

See you at the gallery! 

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Tarah Aylward, Director  
Ingram Gallery 

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