When we are preparing each issue of Ingram Art News, we are mindful and appreciative of the positive nature of working with talented artists and discerning collectors.  The words flow easily as we announce notable news and artists' achievements.  At times, balancing out this goodness, the news we have to share is sad and the words are just not there.  The month of June marked a month of sorrow and reflection, as Rachel Berman passed away on Wednesday, May 28th.

Unparalleled as an artist, intrepid in every way, unforgettable and fearless, Rachel Berman has left a beautiful mark, much like in her art, that will never go away.  To all of those who were fortunate to know her, through her art or in person, we extend our deep sympathies.  Berman will always be remembered for her independent spirit and for being a dedicated and true artists' artist.  As a way to be together in remembering Rachel Berman's life & times, below you will find thoughts and memories of her that you have shared with us.

Our Summer issue includes news for you of E.B. Cox's 100th Anniversary celebration at the gallery on July 17th.  Media coverage and updates on the status of Cox's Garden of the Greek Gods at Exhibition Place can be found through this link.  You will also find news of new works into the gallery for our upcoming 7th edition of our Summer Series and a feature on Canadian printmaking.

 Elford Bradley (E.B.) Cox
100th Anniversary
July 15 - 22 . 2014

Celebration at Ingram Gallery: Thursday, July 17th | 5pm - 7pm

"I make beautiful things for other people" -E.B. Cox

Born on July 16th, 1914 in Botha, Alberta, E.B. Cox is widely acknowledged as Canada's foremost sculptor in stone.  His career as an artist, which spanned more than half a century, has been beautifully documented in the book on his works, E.B. Cox: A Life in Sculpture.

We invite you to join E.B. Cox's family, friends and collectors as we celebrate the 100th Anniversary of his birthday on Thursday, July 17 from 5pm to 7pm with birthday cake, memories & conversation.

Reflections from EB's daughters on this special occasion :

...there is more to celebrate about EB's 100th than his art. He was a unique man, someone very hard to forget.  As his family and wide circle of friends will attest, EB was loyal, generous, and witty - while also mischievous, stubborn and occasionally cantankerous.  He loved a good party and carried out elaborate practical jokes, but he did not suffer fools.  He equally enjoyed canoeing and the opera, went to bed early, and was never reluctant to use his considerable wit and charm to sell his works.  He never accepted a government grant, yet happily mentored and helped other artists as they started their careers.

Please contact the gallery for full exhibition details.

Rachel Berman 
(1946 - 2014) 

Loved greatly, and in our hearts always, we are so thankful that there was, and will always be, Rachel Berman.  It is said that pictures speak louder than words.  In this case, over to you, as your words speak volumes on the impact of the life & art of the extraordinary Rachel  Berman:

Such a gentle and humble presence combined with such a massive and powerful talent. What a wonderful contrast. She truly was a remarkable person.

It was such a pleasure to be a part of her travels; those moments were always delightful. I will surely miss the kind and insightful words she softly shared about art and life.

She was a kind and super talented soul. 

Besides being a remarkable artist and her brilliant inquisitive mind, one thing I found so special was her kindness and generosity.

Rachel was such a character, such an amazing artist. We were lucky to have known her.

She certainly belonged to a generation of genuine artists that are becoming more and more rare.

She was a one-of-a-king and heartwarming person with the special gift of allowing you to see the world from her point of view.

Her paintings remind me of Alice Munro's short stories-insightful, subtle, brilliant glimpses of other lives, and such a strong narrative.

I only met Rachel once ... I have admired her art very much. She was talented and she seemed so energetic when I met her-she practically gave off sparks.
We thank you for your support, your kindness and the visits and letters you have shared with us.  We will be building a bench in Rachel's memory for in front of the gallery for people to sit and observe life, much as she was so fond of doing.  Please also look for the next issue of one of Berman's favourite publications, Queen's Quarterly, as it will feature a tribute to her featuring her art and personal musings.

Rachel Berman is still travelling.

Summer Series VII
July 26 - August 26 . 2014

To the walls in late July and throughout August will be numerous new works for you to enjoy during your summer visits to the gallery.  Anna Yuschuk (below) has just delivered the first new works since her superb last solo.  With the beach as subject matter, Yuschuks new canvases are a perfect fit for our annual Summer Series.  So too are the light drenched works of Sharon Okun and Sean Yelland

Ryan Dineen is in studio with several new works underway.  On the heels of his successful solo in May, we are looking forward to seeing these new works to the wall.  Barry Hodgson has just set out on a two week plein air trip to the south east shore of Liverpool, Nova Scotia.  Working in oils and on paper, Hodgson continues to push the limits of landscape painting.

Our interest in early printmaking has us continuing to be the place to find original Canadian prints. Whether etchings, blockprints, lithographs, monotypes, silkscreens and more, we enjoy discussing the various approaches to original printmaking.  We currently have works available in this vein by Leonard Hutchinson, Carl Schaefer, Edwin Holgate (left) and Florence Vale.  In addition, we have several Toronto as subject matter aquatints by Nicholas Hornyansky.  Rounding out our strong collection of original prints are the internationally recognized Single Autographic Prints (SAPs) of Harold Town.

Ingram Gallery is now working with the renowned Canadian print collection of Ernst & Young (EY).  Please stay tuned for our next issue of Ingram Art News as we will be announcing a unique opportunity to purchase important works from the collection.

With kindest regards, 


Tarah Aylward, Director  
Ingram Gallery 

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