Paint and surface have been the themes of late both here at the gallery and at important public art spaces.  Opening day for Francis Bacon (with Henry Moore at the Art Gallery of Ontario) had us transfixed by paint application and ground.  Scale, saturation and hue stayed front of mind after catching one of the last days for Peter Doig: No Foreign Lands at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.  Pairing these two superb exhibitions with the technical strength and unique vision of Rachel Berman's exhibition at Ingram Gallery last month -- we are paint obsessed this spring.

The drive, dedication and technical ability that painting requires brings us to Toronto-based artist Ryan Dineen who opens Reflection on Thursday, May 8th.  Painting as a way of life, as a means to both create and express, comes naturally to Dineen.  Please join us in celebration of Ryan Dineen's first solo exhibition with Ingram Gallery on Thursday, May 8th from 6pm to 8pm.

Ryan Dineen

May 8 - 24 . 2014

Opening reception with Ryan Dineen: Thursday, May 8 | 6pm-8pm

Frozen crystals made of water suspended in the sky as clouds, or formed together as sheets of ice over lakes and ponds -- water changes states and anchors us all.  As Canadians, our great lakes define us, our natural resources surround us.  Ryan Dineen, through rendering and reminding us of water's changing state -- provides the catalyst to reflect on our environment and our role in it.

I have been inspired by the tones and textures found in the ice; they are forms that are  familiar, nostalgic and meaningful... - Ryan Dineen

The subject matter of these primarily large scale new paintings, whether close up, in the distance or reflected, take on new meaning once overlaid with the viewer's own personal experience.  New ways of seeing lead to new ways of thinking as the act of viewing is reinforced through strength of technique.

Dineen also says of the ice paintings: ...the viewer should engage with the pieces in the same way that they would engage with an abstract work. The viewer may feel a flood of nostalgia for early childhood experiences with skating in the way that I do, or other emotions may come to light from the shapes and colours found in the abstract qualities of the paintings.


Please follow this link to view additional works in Dineen's new Reflection series.

The artist's CV and a PDF catalogue of the new works are available via email. 

For further purchase and press information please be in touch

Kensington Art Academy
Student exhibition: Year End Show
June 4 - 5 . 2014

The students of Kensington Art Academy (KAA) have been hard at work on the final pieces for their upcoming year-end exhibition to be held at the gallery on June 4th and 5th.  Please join Sara Sniderhan, Peter Mitchell and their students at the gallery for this special exhibition opening on June 4th, from 4pm-7pm.  Ingram Gallery congratulates the achievements of all KAA students.
Kensington Art Academy
The Kensington Art Academy is a not-for-profit art school program for youth a
ges 12-19.     KAA offers free, after school art classes twice a week and intensive oil painting workshops once a month. Our classes include drawing, painting, mixed media, illustration and portfolio development. Classes take place at St. Stephen's Community House (KAA's community partner), located in the heart of Kensington Market, Toronto. All classes, materials and snacks are free of fee.

Recent historically significant works through the gallery have reminded us how fortunate we are to be working with both the art of now as well as works from over the last 150 years.  Our love and knowledge of Canadian art history is a very important part of what we do.  Through a timeline of Canadian painting, drawing, printmaking, sculpture and more -- a foundation is established that is built on each day through visits, acquisitions and conversations at the gallery.

Look for our new south gallery historical Canadian art feature in future issues of Ingram Art News.  It will focus on both the notable artists' estates we represent, as well as our ever rotating collection of important pieces by the A to Z of Canadian historical artists.

Works currently available by Jack Bush, Albert Franck, Lillian Freiman, Edwin Holgate, Marion Long, F.N. Loveroff, David Milne, H.S. Palmer, Marthe Rakine, Carl Schaefer and Mary Wrinch.

"Our heads are round so that our thinking can change directions." -Francis Picabia

A new Rachel Berman oil on panel has just arrived at the gallery.  Berman continues to create masterful compositions pairing people and their spaces in ambiguous situations.

Grace abounding for the chief of Sinners
(right) delivers this and more in a mid-sized work.  The latest paintings from Sara Sniderhan are generating interest for her strong understanding of treating edges and what goes into rendering the human form.  An upcoming studio visit with Anna Yuschuk will have us seeing the first of the new works since her sensational solo last year.  All this and Ryan Dineen's solo at the gallery makes for an art filled month this May. 

Whether at the gallery, on the phone, or via email -- please let us know how we can help.  We look forward to seeing you soon.

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Tarah Aylward, Director  
Ingram Gallery 

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