Our 2014 exhibition schedule is confirmed and now online.  Marked by solo exhibitions, community events, and a summer celebration of E.B. Cox's 100th birthday -- this new year of gallery programming also includes several firsts.  High-profile artists Daniel Hughes, Ryan Dineen, Travis Shilling and Peter Mitchell will all have their first formal solo exhibitions with Ingram Gallery in 2014.  Paired with the excitement of these notable firsts, are the solo exhibitions of gallery greats Rachel Berman and Sean Yelland.

As a full year at a glance, our latest exhibition schedule can be bookmarked and referenced for saving dates and planning gallery visits.  You can also check back for updates, new announcements and more as the new year unfolds.  We love seeing you at the gallery and have worked hard to put in place a year worthy of many visits and artful acquisitions.  Please let us know how we can be of help building your collection, discovering new artists and immersing yourself in all that the gallery offers.

On The Walls

Ryan Price | Sharon Okun | Barry Hodgson
February 8 - 22 . 2014

We begin with New Works, a group exhibition showcasing the best of the newest works in at the gallery.  Arriving in very recent weeks are the latest of Ryan Price's intriguing drywall works, sun and moon lit paintings fresh from Sharon Okun's Montreal studio and a strong cross section of local and beyond landscapes by Barry Hodgson.  Visiting in the weeks ahead is a great way to experience these new works mentioned here and those that are on the way, as well as the works of the artists who will be having solos later in 2014. 

We have also been busy preparing for exhibit the latest in historical Canadian works available in our south gallery.  Tailored specifically for the avid collector with 'not enough wall space' -- The Wall of Smalls is a new feature awaiting you at the gallery this winter.

For purchase and further press information please enquire with the gallery
Up Next


From the studio
March 6 - 26 . 2014

Opening Reception with the Daniel Hughes:
Thursday, March 6th | 6pm to 8pm


Exhibiting since the early 1990s, Daniel Hughes is an established name in painting.  Recent group and solo exhibitions have seen his work on gallery walls in Montreal, Little Rock, Santa Fe and London.  Hughes returns to Toronto with From the studio, his first solo with Ingram Gallery featuring all new works.  Since visiting with Hughes in studio last year, we have been greatly anticipating seeing the new works become available to collectors. 

Please save the date and join us all at the gallery on Thursday, March 6th for a memorable night of art, artists and superb paintings.

In Memory Of  
LAWRENCE NICKLE (1931-2014) 

With many happy memories that buoy our heavy hearts, we announce the passing of Lawrence Nickle.  Nickle passed away on January 3rd surrounded by family.  A graduate of the Ontario College of Art and dedicated landscape painter, Nickle was a purist, painting en plein air and staying true to his preferred subject matter and medium for decades.  

"He lived his entire life, living his dream."

Please read more on the life and career of Lawrence Nickle: Remembering Lawrence Nickle in the North Bay Nipissing News and here.
From All Of Us  


We are looking forward to all that awaits you at Ingram Gallery in 2014.  It is great that we are able to announce and share the gallery's activities and the achievements of the artists we work with through Ingram Art News!.  We will be sending new issues throughout the year ahead to keep you abreast of all events and exhibitions.  You can also find an archive of past issues on our website.  We love hearing from you.  Whether in response to a featured artist and/or work in one of our issues, Canadian art history in general, available art books, any and all questions related to the love of art -- please drop us a line or come on in.

See you at the gallery!

With best wishes,


Tarah Aylward, Director  
Ingram Gallery 

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