Sean Yelland

Ingram Gallery is pleased to announce In Silence, an exhibition of new paintings by renowned Toronto artist Sean Yelland.  The exhibition opens with a reception for the artist on Thursday, March 7th from 5pm to 8pmIn Silence is Yelland's eighth solo exhibition with the gallery.

Left to Right (above): Sean YELLAND: Spot, Fountain of Ruth, Red House, Exit Only, White House.
On The Walls

Sean Yelland

In Silence
March 7 - 27 . 2013

Opening reception with Sean Yelland: Thursday, March 7th
from 5pm to 8pm. 

Themes virtually grow and present themselves, resulting in paintings that evolve.
-Sean Yelland

As the urban landscape continually changes around us -- gentrification, urban renewal and community revival have become lively topics of conversation.  Always drawing inspiration from his immediate surroundings, Sean Yelland, a modern day chronicler of the urban, takes us on a walking tour of the streets of the city he knows and loves.  Yelland looks above, below and all around as he strolls the streets.  Through pattern, shadows and dramatic compositions, Yelland documents the change, status and decay of the city in all its common beauty.

This artist's paintings verge on photo-realism, but their painterly qualities and skewed points of view are as unsettling as they are thrilling.  -Toronto Life, April 2011

"Despite environments that are often void of the human figure - character is never Sean Yelland overlooked.  I enjoy the idea of an ongoing narrative and being able to capture a moment just before, or after, something larger has taken place. If figures are present, they are generally alone and involved within a singular moment.  Use of light plays a major role in determining the emotional tone, and is the content when none seems readily apparent. I find over analysis on my part can inhibit an audience from forming their own understanding of the work, thus stunting the purpose of the art itself.  After hours spent creating and meditating on a piece; what I see and get out of my work tends to be quite different from what others may bring to it. I usually work on one painting at a time, start to finish. This allows me to maintain my focus and intuitively I pick up on narratives that may reveal themselves."

Sean Yelland attended the Ontario College of Art & Design, graduating in 1989.  Yelland has exhibited across Canada and was shortlisted for the Kingston Prize in 2011.  His works are found in numerous private and corporate collections and have been featured in Harper's Magazine, Toro, Enroute and Toronto Life.  Sean Yelland lives and works in Toronto.

As with all exhibitions, should you not be able to attend -- please contact the gallery for a copy of the Sean Yelland In Silence catalogue and/or the artist's CV.

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Meet and greet with artist Rachel Berman and author Timothy Beiser as we launch their second collaboration at the gallery on Saturday, April 6th.  In addition to the exhibition and sale of the original Berman watercolours which illustrate Miss Mousie's Blind Date, both Beiser and Berman will be available from 2pm to 4pm for conversation & book signing.

Beiser and illustrator Rachel Berman previously collaborated on the equally enchanting Governor General's Literary Award finalist 'Bradley McGogg, the Very Fine Frog'. Once again, Berman's formally attired creatures, their delicate hands and oversized heads rendered in muted tones, show Beatrix Potter's influence in the best possible way. This is an utterly charming book and a gentle introduction to the lifelong perils of spring fever.  -Quill & Quire, January 2013

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April 27 - May 16 . 2013

Anna Yuschuk opens her 2013 solo, Water with the gallery on April 27th.  Recent studio visits have us thrilled to see Yuschuk working confidently in the genre of landscape painting.  Please mark your calendars, as Water promises to be an exhibition of unparalleled painting not to be missed.

From All Of Us  

Ingram Gallery

Left to Right: F.N. LOVEROFF, Sara SNIDERHAN, Travis SHILLING, John DOYLE.

Our year started on a high note with our very well attended and well received exhibition of Jack Nichols' works on paper.  Our compliments to those with new Nichols lines on the wall.  Should you have missed it, you can read last month's Jack Nichols issue of Ingram Art News! here.  We are all set for the opening and celebration of In Silence with Sean Yelland from 5pm to 8pm Thursday, March 7th.  We greatly look forward to all of you seeing these superb works in person!

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Tarah Aylward, Director 
Ingram Gallery, Toronto

Silence is so accurate. (Mark Rothko)