Girl Scouts of Southeastern Michigan
To our Troop Leaders and Operational Volunteers:


We are coming into the home stretch of the 2013 cookie sale, with the official end on Sunday, March 17th and cupboards scheduled to close on March 18th. We appreciate everyone who stepped up to sell the additional 12 boxes of cookies we asked from each girl last week. There has been a real uptick at the cupboards! Thank you.   




We have heard from some troops and individuals who are striving to meet their goals, and as a council, we have not reached our combined goal. As a result, we are offering an extension to anyone interested in continuing to sell through April 14th, 2013.  


You may sell to individual customers, and request approval for booths at smaller, independent or drive-up locations. There are some large retail stores, like Walmart and Sam's Club locations, where we may continue to have opportunities as well. Troops who pick up additional cookies after March 18, will earn an additional five (5) cents per package in troop proceeds!


Due to the timing of paperwork deadlines and the need to order recognitions, additional sales can be applied to girls until the March 24th recognition deadline. After that we will provide troops with an additional six (6) cents in proceeds in place of recognitions. If there are individual girls striving for a high level award (e.g., Michigan's Adventure tickets, Kindle Fire, Laptop, Cookie Dough/Summer Camp Credit) we will be able to apply the additional sales to the girl on a case by case basis.




As most of you know, we offered each of our 12 Communities the opportunity to raise funds for their Community bank accounts (to support Community programs and activities) through the Cookie Sale Program. Our original offer was to provide two (2) cents per package to Communities that sold 100% of the 2012 Community sales. We know that troops and girls in each Community are working hard in the cookie sale program, and we have a great new opportunity for Communities!


For Communities who reach 90% of last year's sales, GSSEM will be providing one (1) cent per package back to the Community! This sheet shows each Community's current standing, and details how many more boxes need to be sold to reach the 90% and 100% marks. We have also listed the amount of money that would come back to each Community who reach these goals. The communities who reach these marks will get money for EVERY package sold from the start of the sale. This could mean between $900.00 and $8,000.00 for a community depending on its goal. Good luck!




Many of our cupboard managers have agreed to stay open, though their schedules may be a little different or on an appointment only basis and the cupboards will not be open on Easter weekend. We have published an updated cupboard roster. Please be sure to thank these volunteers for being willing to pitch in.




We ask that troops who are interested in taking advantage of the extension email with the title "We're in" in the subject line. Doing so will allow us to know what troops we will be working with for an adjusted ACH withdrawal. Those troops participating in the extended sale will have the ability to take cookies in mixed cases as appropriate and return full cases taken on consignment. Arrangement will also be made regarding an adjustment to the final ACH withdrawal in relation to additional cookies taken. The balance for cookies taken after March 18th will be withdrawn on April 24th.


Troops who qualify for the Goal Achiever bonus through the extended sale will also have an adjustment made on their final withdrawal in order to account for the additional proceeds.


Yours in Scouting,

Clare Coughlin