Lynn Schoener 
May 30th, 2013
Lynn Schoener
As a
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Coaching Miracle Moments


There are times in our lives when God gently informs a decision, nudging us away from one path and toward another. More rarely, there are transformational moments in time when things come together in miraculous ways. Mountains are moved, seas are parted, and we marvel at the sheer creativity, elegance, and efficiency of God's plan.


It is a profound privilege to bear witness to these moments for another. As a friend, we enjoy their excitement and listen to every twist and turn of the tale. When they take a breath, we might share God's most recent orchestration in our life. We might wonder, out loud or silently, if and how their emerging changes will impact us.


A coach approaches this conversation from a different space. Even if a coachee has shared their glorious story with twenty people already, telling it to you will bring something fresh to their experience. You will be listening from a learner's place, and from that place, different questions flow.  


Here are three of my favorites:


"As you are telling me these amazing details, which stand out for you as central, pivotal, positively jaw-dropping?"


"I know you've shared this story before, but as you tell it right now, what thoughts and feelings are front and center?"


"Say more about how this has changed your ideas about God (or faith, hope, prayer, etc.)"


The generosity of good coaching gives people focused and undiluted attention, allowing them to witness their blessed event in a deeper way. Their cup runneth over, and a coaching approach helps them preserve and savor every life-changing drop.




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