Lynn Schoener  

June 7th, 2012


Coaching Creatively

 "What's So?" 


June is a time for passages, celebrations, and transitions. During weddings, graduations, vacations and reunions, we reconnect with family and friends, catching up on joys and sorrows, successes and challenges.


These conversations provide you opportunities to flex and perfect your "What's So?" coaching questions.


Instead of jumping immediately into your own stories, extend an invitation to the other person to "Say more." Ask questions to expand and deepen the conversation:


"How did you react to that news?"


"What did you do next?"


"You sound really excited about this did you plan for it?"


Test what happens when

you listen to learn--without the intent to advise, cheerlead, or change the subject. Be curious about the thoughts and feelings they have about their experiences.


You don't have to be officially coaching to bring a "coach approach" to the party. When you are generous with your questions and demonstrate caring, who knows--a coachable moment may emerge!




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