Lynn Schoener 

February 16, 2012

Coaching Creatively


Hola from Brazil!


My electronics seem to be on siesta south of the equator. I am borrowing John's blackberry and the connection is spotty, so I will jump in!


Have you been in any "best year yet" conversations with yourself, a family member, a lifeGroup leader, or a coachee? What are you noticing, six + weeks into the year, about gaining traction or facing resistance to your own goals? Is there one observation or coaching tip you could share on this topic that would enrich our learning, impact our efforts to help people with reflection, connection, and goal creation?


What I notice is that my recent coachees establish goals quickly in the beginning, and seldom want to return to them as we move ahead. I make it my job to circle back to them each session, as well as try to link them to the new emerging issues.


Sometimes, we discover that those original goals were "should" goals and not truly reflective of what the person aspires to. In that case, we ceremoniously ditch them as somebody else's agenda, and get to what matters most to them. It is messy and surprising and so very important, this visioning process.


Look forward to your thoughts!



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