Lynn Schoener 

January 20, 2012

Coaching Creatively


Reflect, Connect, Create: The Connection Q's

In the book Your Best Year Yet!, Jinny Ditzler poses Ten Questions. The first four invited a look back on your 2011, and were sent in a coachNote on January 5th.

The next two questions ask you to look within, connecting to values and roles:


Q5  What are my personal values?

Q6?  What roles do I play in my life? 

Warning! These connection questions look simple, but teasing out the truth can lead to some soul searching. The questions pose no judgment about what your values or roles should be, or how they should be prioritized in your life. That is your decision. The purpose of the questions is to prompt a look beyond your assumptions and stock answers, and get you to declare what and who really matters, now, in this first month of this new year.  

Here's another potential wrinkle: If your every move were observed for a month by a Martian, with no sense of our cultural norms or Christian mores, what conclusions would it come to about what you value and who you care about? If you say you value wellness, for example, but continue to make choices that undermine your diet and exercise goals, our Martian will report to his superiors that Freedom, Football Watching and Fajita Inhalation are more highly valued than Wellness.


That reality check may require you to revisit Q4: How do I limit myself, and how can I stop? 


Dig Deep and Stay Warm!



P.S. Did you think you were off the slogan hook this year? Not a chance! I am experimenting with these options for 2012: "God's Got This" or "God's Got Me" or "I Get It ~ You've Got Me!" And I have a song selected, which I will perform in late March in Madison, WI. 



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