Lynn Schoener 

September 8, 2011

Coaching Creatively

 The Ladder of Inference Refresh 


The trusty Ladder of Inference is my most requested coaching tool. One client reported a major breakthrough last week in her efforts to manage a difficult relationship with her boss. "Using the 'Ladder' keeps me grounded in the facts and slows down my tendency to assume the worst. It's amazing how I can ignore all the many positive data points in our conversations--compliments, requests for my opinion--and spin a complete tale of doom with one brusque comment."


Another client is sharing the tool with her secretary, who "jumps to conclusions and takes action without checking her facts. She places way too much confidence in what she calls her instincts. The 'Ladder' is a non-threatening way for me to help her see how actions are often driven by incomplete, even inaccurate information."


In looking for additional resources for these clients, I found a website that describes a number of helpful coaching and consulting tools. The link below will refresh you on The Ladder of Inference and includes a nifty graphic you may wish to print and share with your coachees. 


Stay curious!





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