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February 2013
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Office 2013 - Five Potential Gotchas
Don't be Afraid of the Big Bad Techie!
K2 Enterprises Re-Launches Facebook Page
Intuit Announces QuickBook 2010 Obsolescence
K2 Enterprises Webinar Schedule for March
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In this month's K2 Tech Update, we discuss Office 2013 - Five Potential Gotchas, along with suggestions for choosing a technology provider in Don't be Afraid of the Big Bad Techie!

In our News section, learn about K2 Enterprises Re-Launching our Facebook Page and Intuit Announcing QuickBooks 2010 Obsolescence, in addition to our March Webinar Dates. 
The K2 Tips section includes two Excel tips - "Retrofitting" a Worksheet with Defined Names and Speeding Data Entry in Excel. We also share a PowerPoint tip on Changing a PowerPoint Presentation to a Widescreen Format.
Our Course Spotlights this month include: Budgeting, Forecasting and Business Analytics, Technology Update (a new K2 4 hour seminar), Excel Budgeting and Forecasting Techniques, and Excel Best Practices (a new K2 8 hour seminar).
Office 2013 - Five Potential Gotchas

By now, you are likely aware that Office 2013 is available from Microsoft. The latest release of the venerable Office suite offers a number of outstanding new features, including Power View and Inquire in Excel, the ability to expand and contract documents in Word, an improved Presenter view in PowerPoint, and the ability to stream applications onto computers that do not have Office installed. In sum, for many, Office 2013 is a welcome upgrade. However, before you make the leap into upgrading to Office 2013, be aware of five potential issues associated with upgrading. 

Don't be Afraid of the Big Bad Techie!

A very knowledgeable associate of mine is extremely good at drawing analogies comparing components of technology to everyday things, which are more understandable to a layperson. I remember an instance, about ten years ago, when a client that our organization serviced was skeptical about spending the extra money to move from dial-up Internet connectivity to, what was then, an extremely new tool - high-speed Internet. My friend framed it this way, "In just a few years, having dial-up will be like having a black and white television, a few people have them - but you give up so much, that just about everyone has a color set." This statement effectively made the point and the client moved to a faster Internet connection.  


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K2 Enterprises Re-Launches Facebook Page
Intuit Announces QuickBooks 2010 Obsolescence

In accordance with its published "sunset" policy, Intuit has announced that QuickBooks 2010 services will be discontinued effective May 31, 2013. After that date, live technical support for QuickBooks 2010 will no longer be available. Likewise, other add-on business services such as payroll, credit card processing, QuickBooks email, and on-line banking will also be discontinued.

K2 Enterprises Webinar Schedule for March
We hope you find this issue timely, relevant and useful. If you have topics you would like for us to cover here in the coming months, please let us know.
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