October, 2015
EMV for Integrators
Every week we see varying statistics on the number of EMV cards issued to consumers and the still lagging numbers of merchants who have EMV enabled.  Our goal has always been and remains to deliver our partners an EMV middleware product that offers PA-DSS certification removing the point of sale (POS) from the scope of PCI while also offering an integrated EMV solution. We feel that has been accomplished with our suite of PayGuardian products. As we anxiously await our final sign off on our First Data Omaha EMV certification, our recommendation to our POS integrated partners remains the same. Please reach out to our Developer Support team to discuss your current integration and plans moving forward to integrate PayGuardian. In order to process an EMV transaction through the gateway, the POS must utilize the PayGuardian product suite solution with the proper certified EMV device.

Our PayGuardian product suite provides a cohesive solution for a diverse range of traditional and mobile platforms including: Windows, Linux, iOS, Android and a customizable payment page for a browser-based POS. These products are integrated with the POS to drive the certified EMV device. The Developer Support team can be reached by emailing [email protected].
Once your integration has been certified with us, you can begin using this middleware both for non-EMV and EMV processing without any further integration!

Pricing for the PayGuardian suite will be announced via email to all reseller and referral partners in October. Because this is a new product, the announcement will serve as official notice to all partners and no further action will be required.
What does the EMV Liability Shift really mean?
With EMV information everywhere, what exactly does the liability shift mean for a merchant? The EMV Forum published a quick reference guide to help you understand the liability shift.

There are two separate fraudulent scenarios that merchants are faced with.  The card presented might either be stolen or counterfeit.
For lost or stolen cards, the liability shift is not relevant  with chip and sign. Today, all credit card issuers that we are aware of in the United States are issuing chip cards that do not require a PIN number.  Without a PIN number, the liability shift is not in effect.  If issuers choose to include a PIN number at some time in the future, the rules on the liability shift will change but we do not expect this to occur for many years.
Merchants are affected by the counterfeiting of a card with the liability shift. This means that a merchant accepting a card that has a counterfeit mag stripe from a chip card used at a mag stripe (non-EMV) terminal could be held liable.
BridgePay in the News
In case you missed these articles referencing BridgePay recently....CNBC reported on industry statistics with EMV adoption here in the U.S. BridgePay lines up with other data gathered for the article, which can be read here.
Business Solutions Magazine also passed along to its readers information we shared recently regarding the state of EMV. Editor-in-chief Mike Monocello's article shares our insight along with his viewpoint of the what he calls "The Holy Trinity of Payment Security."  We call it the Triple Threat, which we share more about in the partner update below.  Check out Mike's blog post.
EMV Restaurant Best Practices

Visa has published information on how to best manage tips and gratuities here in the U.S. coinciding with the EMV migration. The general consensus is that it is business as usual for restaurants with EMV. Chip technology and processing supports post-authorization tips and gratuities. To learn more and find out other Visa suggestions as chip acceptance evolves, download it here.

BridgePay POS Partner, Lavu, is looking for reseller partners who would like to take part in their EMV pilot program. If you are interested, please email Lavu to find out more about this exciting program to start enabling your merchants with EMV!

EMV Test Cards Available for Integrators and Merchants  

Are you an integrator who needs to run EMV test transactions in a test environment? Or maybe you are looking to run a EMV test transaction on a live merchant processing account?

For Integrators looking for test environment cards, orders can be placed directly with B2, a company offering the EMV testing tools. B2 offers both an EMV standard set and First Data specific set of EMV test cards. Click on the set you wish to order to download the proper form. Questions regarding these test cards will need to be directed to B2.

If you are an ISO or ISV needing to run an actual live "test" transaction at a merchant location using an EMV device to a certified EMV processor, please view the order form here for more details! While we call these "test" cards, they are in fact production cards that you can use for training purposes and testing device functionality.

Device Orders Made Easy!

To make life easier on our partners providing our Ingenico EMV certified devices to merchants, a device order overview of the Telium 2 family has been made available here.  Please select the proper PayGuardian product and match it to the needed device. The following third party distributors have this same information in their systems and also hold our BridgePay point to point encryption key: ScanSource, POS Portal, TASQ, JRs Depot, BlueStar, and The Phoenix Group.

The Triple Threat

The word on the street throughout the payments industry has been consistent with utilizing the triple threat to fight fraud and theft with merchants:
    • EMV
    • Encryption
    • Tokenization           
BridgePay will offer all three and hopes integrators and merchants will also choose this path to fight fraud at the merchant level! 

The EMV Migration Forum recently announced the CHIP IN Education Initiative to help educate merchants and consumers on how to use chip cards appearing in their stores and wallets. is the official, go-to resource for consumer education on chip cards. Want to learn what chip cards are and why you're getting them? Want to learn how to use them in stores? Visit 

Merchant EMV Card Education
Merchant EMV Card Education

The EMV Migration Forum created this chip card video to educate consumers on chip cards, why they're receiving them, and how to use them in stores and at ATMs.
Industry participants are encouraged to share this video internally and with their consumer customers.
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