Summer Edition, 2015
BridgePay EMV Certifications
EMV certifications continue to move forward, albeit at a much slower pace than originally anticipated. While BridgePay has completed its EMV coding to various processors, it is simply clear processors were unprepared for the barrage of certifications and the extensive time required to complete certification. While processors are working hard to move certifications forward, BridgePay understands this message is difficult to communicate downstream to your merchants. We fully intend to have our largest processing partners completed by October.

What can you do in the meantime?
Please review our EMV solutions below for a complete understanding of our product offerings. Our solutions will include initial device certification with Ingenico's Telium 2 family of terminals with further details to be released as certifications are completed. Many POS partners have begun integration to one of these products or started BETA testing so they can be ready to deploy our solution to customers. As we begin to near the completion of both PA-DSS certification and EMV certifications, we will communicate this to our partners and update our website information accordingly.

Bottom line: Start your integration today to one of our EMV ready PayGuardian middleware products in conjunction with one of our approved EMV devices, and EMV will simply be enabled at the gateway level once the processor's certification is done. No further integration required!

Know the basics. Pass along this simple video from VISA showing how to use an EMV card.

Using your chip card

Looking for more information on EMV?

Here are some statics and general information on EMV given at a recent EMV Forum conference held last month. 

Currently 28% of credit cards active today are "chip cards." That number is expected to rise to 63% by October.  Eighty percent of EMV cards issued today are not dual interface, i.e. they do not support contactless


Virtually, no ATM chip cards have been issued.


Forty-eight percent of merchants are expected to be EMV enabled by October and they are almost all Level 1 (Walmart, Target, etc..) or Level 4 (small merchants only requiring an EMV stand-alone terminal).


To address card security, the following items should be implemented and BridgePay offers all three!  

      • EMV       
      • Point to Point Encryption     
      • Tokenization


EMV Forum Present EMV 101

Watch the EMV Forum present EMV 101



Here are some other helpful EMV websites: 



BridgePay EMV Solution Updates
As BridgePay continues to progress in our effort to support end to end EMV certifications with various merchant processors, we felt it important to review our EMV solutions we have built for our partners.The good news is that a POS integrator can

begin this process with BridgePay now and EMV capabilities will be "turned on" as certifications with the processing partners are completed.    

EMV Product Solutions 

Previous Partner Updates have explained our EMV capable product, PayGuardian. In addition to PayGuardian, BridgePay will also release several other products to help meet the needs of our diverse partner base. Here is a brief description of these EMV capable products:


Designed for both retail and restaurant card-present solutions, the PayGuardian integration allows the POS to seamlessly process transactions via our BridgePay Gateway to multiple merchant processors.

PayGuardian offers integrators and merchants an out of scope PA-DSS solution while adding the important EMV component. PayGuardian was built to provide all-in-one, light weight, highly secure middleware that integrates into the transaction process of the POS. PayGuardian handles the collection and transmission of EMV sensitive payment information, thus offloading the EMV certification responsibility from merchants and integrators.

iOS and Android EMV Solutions

PayGuardian 4iOS and Android are plugin apps unique to the respective operating system.  Like PayGuardian, this middleware solution keeps all EMV transactions out of scope for the POS. The POS initiates a transaction with the app and the app initiates the terminal to collect the payment information (EMV, Swipe or NFC data) from the customer, which is then transmitted through the BridgePay Gateway.

PayGuardianWEB, or PGWEB, on the BridgePay Gateway offers a browser based POS and EMV solution not only an EMV certification solution but also takes the merchant out of scope for PCI!  Our customizable payment page is a convenient and flexible solution to process EMV card present transactions. This simple integration method brings the security of EMV  with the ease of branding to your browser based POS!

If you are a POS integrator looking to begin your PayGuardian integration to the BridgePay Gateway, you can start this process by reaching out to our Developer Support team via email at [email protected]

BridgePay Receives PCI DSS v3.0 Attestation of Compliance


BridgePay Network Solutions is dedicated to ensuring the security of data for our Partners and Merchants. In keeping with PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard), BridgePay has successfully completed its audit requirements to the current PCI DSS v3.0. This set of standards was developed to encourage and enhance cardholder data security and provide a baseline of technical and operational requirements to protect cardholder data, which applies to all entities involved in payment card processing.


Why was this update so important or BridgePay, Merchants, and Cardholders?


The changes in PCI 3.0 provides for better clarification on all audit items, reducing the risk of misinterpretation which can ultimately lead to security gaps.


What were some of the key changes made to ensure cardholder data is secure?

  • Enhanced requirement for a more comprehensive and in depth penetration testing to ensure data segmentation
  • Enhanced requirement to evaluate evolving malware threats
  • Enhanced requirement to include inventory of all physical and virtual hardware to prevent unauthorized physical access
  • Enhanced requirement for educating staff on security processes

If you would like to review the summary of PCI DSS in full, please visit the PCI website at Click here for a quick link to the PCI DSS v3.0 Summary of Changes.  


 Apple Pay Platform Expansion!

BridgePay recently added Heartland to its list of Apple Pay acceptors. Apple Pay can now be used on the PathwayLINK Gateway for TSYS, First Data Omaha, First Data North, First Data Nashville, Chase Paymentech and Heartland. If you are an integrator interested in adding Apple Pay and other NFC payments to your certification, please reach out to Developer Support.
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Partner Sales Materials Now Available at
The BridgePay website now includes a new section for parters--sales and marketing slicks on our gateway products for download! Visit our website under Media & Marketing and go to Marketing. You will find marketing slicks on our products ranging from the gateway to product solutions to private label options.