February, 2015
BridgePay's EMV Certification Simplified for
Partners & Merchants
Have you figured out your EMV strategy as a POS provider, integrator or reseller partner? EMV is everywhere, yet it seems like it really isn't anywhere. With all these decisions regarding hardware, end to end certification, development time for EMV coding, certification queues with processors, test equipment and test cards, the cost of doing EMV is crazy! The checklist for EMV goes on and on, especially if you are a POS provider trying to bring your customers an EMV certified solution - and trying to do it quickly!

The process to become EMV certified involves many different aspects, and our management team has been carefully mapping out the appropriate plan of action to ensure we meet our partners' needs.

BridgePay continues to work with our various US processing partners such as Vantiv, TSYS, First Data, Chase Paymentech, Heartland, Elavon, Global, and WorldPay to ensure BridgePay will be EMV ready for our integrated partners and customers.  We began certification last month with First Data and expect to have EMV certifications completed by May 2015.

The good news is that a POS integrator can begin this process with BridgePay now and EMV capabilities will be "turned on" as certifications with the processing partners are completed. If you are a POS integrator looking to begin your PayGuardian or WebLINK 3.0 integration to the BridgePay Gateway, you can start this process by reaching out to our Developer Support team via email at 

EMV Product Solutions

Previous Partner Updates have explained our EMV capable product, PayGuardian. In addition to PayGuardian, BridgePay will also release several other products to help meet the needs of our diverse partner base. Here is a brief description of these EMV capable products:

Designed for both retail and restaurant card-present solutions, the PayGuardian integration allows the POS to seamlessly process transactions via our BridgePay Gateway to multiple merchant processors.

PayGuardian offers integrators and merchants an out of scope PA-DSS solution while adding the important EMV component. PayGuardian was built to provide all-in-one, light weight, highly secure middleware that integrates into the transaction process of the POS. PayGuardian handles the collection and transmission of EMV sensitive payment information, thus offloading the EMV certification responsibility from merchants and integrators.

iOS and Android EMV Solutions

PayGuardian 4iOS and Android are plugin apps unique to the respective operating system.  Like PayGuardian, this middleware solution keeps all EMV transactions out of scope for the POS. The POS initiates a transaction with the app and the app initiates the terminal to collect the payment information (EMV, Swipe or NFC data) from the customer, which is then transmitted through the BridgePay Gateway.

WebLINK 3.0 on the BridgePay Gateway offers a browser based POS and EMV solution not only an EMV certification solution but also takes the merchant out of scope for PCI! 


Our customizable payment page is a convenient and flexible solution to process EMV card present transactions and online ecommerce payments. This simple integration method brings the security of EMV and online processing with the ease of branding to your browser based POS or website!



MyBridgePay is the user interface for the BridgePay Gateway.  This product includes our EMV capable virtual terminal, recurring billing module, reporting suite and boarding portal for our reseller partners. Partners will be able to offer merchants a low cost EMV solution with all the benefits of a virtual terminal, batch management and reporting through MyBridgePay.


EMV Capable Devices

Hardware devices are another important aspect of EMV certification. Did you know the payment processing software is certified in conjunction with a specific hardware device, which is then certified to a specific processor and then every specific card type (i.e. VISA, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, JCB, China Union Pay)?  Each device certification requires approximately 800 test transactions in order to certify all industry types to each processor.  Imagine if you want to connect to multiple processors and then provide more than one type of hardware device to your customers? BrigePay's EMV certifications will simplify this for you! 
BridgePay has been thoroughly researching the many different device manufacturers to bring options to partners. Device certification will vary depending on the EMV solution and this hardware certification matrix will continue to be updated as certifications with processing partners are completed. We can announce that BridgePay will begin certification with the Ingenico Group's Telium 2 family of devices. This includes the iSC250, iSC350, iSC480, iPP 320 & iPP 350. For tablet partners, the Telium 2 family also includes certification of the iSMP and iCMP. Additionally, we are certifying the Verifone VX 805 for POS and the e255 for tablets. Expect further devices included from our partners at Magtek, PAX, ID TECH, Equinox, Simply Charged, and Infinite Peripherals. 


Check out our updated website:

BridgePay will release an updated website that includes new information on our PayGuardian product, EMV road map, and new Developer Center! With so many recent changes in the industry, we want to make sure partners visit our site regularly for new product information and updates to our processor and hardware matrices. To assist integrators, we have split our Developer Center into two sections: TGate PathwayLINK and the BridgePay Gateway. As you know, TGate PatwayLINK is the gateway most partners utilize today. Our newest addition is the BridgePay Gateway, which will host our PayGuardian product and be EMV certified.  


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