The Toters are Coming! The Toters are Coming!

On Monday, October 5, Waste Management, Salem's new trash and recycling hauler, will start delivering new toters (wheeled carts) to all the households in Salem. 

Each household will g
et two carts-a smaller black one for trash and a larger blue one for recycling. It will take about two weeks for all of the carts to be delivered.

If you do not receive your carts by October 19, 2015
please contact the City at 978-619-5673. 
Important Information: 
  • These carts are the property of the City and are to stay at the residence. Please mark your cart with your address. You will be responsible for replacement costs!
  • Do NOT use these carts until the week of November 2, 2015!
Why can't we continue to use our trash barrels, you may ask?
Automated Pickup
It's because the new trash and recycling system will be automated. The trucks will be equipped with special arms for picking up the carts.
Other things to know--
Starting in November, recycling will only be collected every other week
  • If you are a green week, your recycling cart will have a green lid. 
  • If you are a blue week, your recycling cart will have a blue lid. 
You will be receiving a detailed calendar and more information soon. 

Look for tips on how to use your old recycling bins and trash barrels in our next newsletter. In the meantime, click here for FAQ's about the upcoming new and improved automated system.

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