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Update on Food Scraps Plus
Dining al Fresco
Deplastify Your Life!
Recycling and Outdoor Activities
Upcoming Events:
Saturday July 19
9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Lifoam Industries, 
2 Fifth St., Peabody

Saturday  July 26
8am - 12noon 
5 Jefferson Avenue
Limits: TV/CRT: 2
White goods: 1
Small electronics: no limit. 
Proof of residency/
ownership required. $10.00 fee.

Contact Julie Rose at
[email protected] or 978.619.5679 with questions or to volunteer.
The Scoop on Poop

Dogs can be great recyclers, however, dog waste is neither recyclable or compostable. For the full scoop, click here
Charles the Golden Retriever
Food Scraps Plus:
Composting Pilot Program Growing Fast: Now six hundred and counting!
Full article from Salem News here!
Dining al Fresco  

Summer has arrived, and dining alfresco is one of our favorite things! Outside on the deck, patio, beach or backyard...and if we're lucky enough, on a boat...all of these enhance our summer experience. As we prepare for these meals, let's consider an alternative to plastic utensils.


Using flatware that is washable helps keep nonrecyclable plastic out of our waste stream. Unfortunately, plastic forks, spoons and knives aren't as readily recyclable as we might imagine. They get caught up in the sorting equipment and cause shutdowns to the machines, resulting in delays that not only cost the recycling plants but also cost us money in waste revenues.


Why not invest in flatware you can wash?  At yard sales or community swaps, look for the random spoon or fork which won't cost much (and mixing styles is quite chic these days). People will be impressed when you hand them a real fork to eat their potato salad. 


As an alternative, use compostable dishes available through "Change is Simple" in Beverly - when the party is over, bring the used dishes back to their offices for composting. Easy as pie!


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News You Can Re-Use
July 2014, Issue 11
SalemRecycles committee members and volunteers - at Winter Island 
We could never do what we do without our volunteers who are so generous with their time. A few weeks ago, we thanked them with delicious food provided by Flying Saucer and door prizes donated by local businesses. Thank you to everyone who contributed toward our evening - and if you could not be there, please know how much we appreciate you. 

Inspired by an Australian initiative we invite you to 
  • Attempt to buy no plastic packaging including the TOP FOUR challenge (avoid water bottles, straws, plastic bags and takeaway coffee cups).
  • Share your experiences and/or questions on our page.
Remember its not going to be easy, but its a challenge, not a competition so don't worry about being perfect. 

Recycling and Outdoor Activities
We are fortunate in Salem to have wonderful parks and venues for outdoor activities - concerts, barbecues, picnics, hikes and sporting events. Every summer, we are reminded of how lucky we are as a city to have so much green space to enjoy and to help keep cool. Litter and improperly disposed of trash can mar our beautiful vistas, so here are a few reminders about how best to recycle and to dispose of trash in the great outdoors. And please pass this on to those who need a refresher course, too! 
  1. Trash bins are not for recycling. The good news is that more people are recycling and have discovered how simple it is. The more challenging news is that people can get confused about what is trash and what is recycling. Use the trash bin for dog poop, which is NEVER recyclable. Use the trash bin for juice boxes, snack bags, straws, Styrofoam (unless you save it for the ReFoamit events in Peabody, see details on Facebook or, dirty plastic bags (you can recycle clean plastic bags at grocery stores or North Shore Recycled Fibers), and soiled paper products such as napkins and the oily part of pizza boxes.
  2. Salem recycles paper and other items (glass, plastic bottles, metal cans, etc.) in SEPARATE bins. We are a dual stream recycling community for curbside pickup. It's the same at public spots around town, too. You will see bins clearly labeled downtown. Please make sure to put items in the correct bin. And again, NO dog waste in recycling bins, and no plastic bags or film of any kind.
  3. Be a recycling and reuse hero and pack in and pack out. Plan ahead for that picnic or barbecue. Think about how you will dispose of items and what you can bring that can be reused such as cloth napkins, flatware, cups, plates, and cloth tablecloths. Bring a bag or small bin with you for recyclables that you can bring home for curbside pickup. You can also bring a container for food scraps to compost either at your home or as part of the Food Scraps Plus curbside program (again, visit for more info).
  4. Set a good example for others. Don't litter, and if you see items on the ground, dispose of them properly. Enjoy the weather, have fun, and keep our city clean and trash free. 
For additional information on recycling, go to