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Upcoming Events:

Saturday March 29, 
8am - 12noon 
5 Jefferson Avenue. Limits: TV/CRT: 2
White goods: 1
Small electronics: no limit. Proof of residency/ownership required.

(co-hosted in Beverly)
Saturday April 26

Contact Julie Rose  at
[email protected] or 978.619.5679 with questions or to volunteer.
Interesting TED talk on the paper versus plastic debate: Click here!
Did you know... ?
Paper Coffee Cups cannot go in paper recycling.

Most take-out or to-go Paper Coffee cups/mugs are laminated with a PLASTIC resin. This process keeps your beverages warm and inhibits leaking - but it also prevents the cups from being recycled. Do not put in your Paper Recycle bin. The fact is, no matter what they're made of, most disposable beverage cups end up in landfills. But there is something you can do about it. Join the growing movement towards reducing coffee cup waste. Bring your own reusable cup. It's not only good for the environment, it's good for your health.
Free Recycling Stickers!
The decals are free
 and are located at City Hall and at 120 Washington St., 4th floor 
engineering office.


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News You Can Re-Use
March, 2014 Issue 7


We look forward to seeing you for Salem's fantastic book swap this Saturday, March 15! Be sure to mark your calendars and let us know if you are interested in volunteering or providing an item you have created using recycled materials for our Upcycled Display! Contact Julie Rose at [email protected]


Warm Regards,
Salem Recycles
Many cleaners, chemicals and other products that we use every day in our home, garage or yard are simply too toxic to be thrown in the trash. Salem and Beverly residents can dispose of hazardous waste on Saturday, April 26, from 8:00am - noon, at Beverly High School's parking lot (enter on Sohier Road). Please click here for a flyer containing full event details and what to bring.
Proof of residency required, and there is a co-pay of $20/car.
For more information, contact Beverly Board of Health (978) 921-8591.
Styrofoam and Expanded Polystyrene
Styrofoam is actually a product name. The real name of this foam is expanded polystyrene or EPS for short. EPS is made by taking number 6 plastic and injecting it with air to make it foamy.

It is not recyclable CURBSIDE at this time and it never decomposes. 
Each year Americans throw away 25,000,000,000 Styrofoam cups, enough every year to circle the earth 436 times. (Harper's Index)

SO WHAT CAN YOU DO? Refuse! Recycle!
- Avoid buying beverages served in Styrofoam cups 
- Don't buy Styrofoam products for your personal- or office use. 
- Bring your own container for restaurant left-overs
- Recycle at ReFoamIt events, including Lifoam's event on March 15 at 2 Fifth Street, Peabody, MA from 9-1.   

Unless we take action, a billion years from now instead of digging up dinosaur bones, archaeologists will be digging up Styrofoam cups.
SALEM'S PILOT COMPOST PROGRAM "Food Scraps Plus" ...  is coming to town April 16!  
What can be composted through this program?
(Not to exceed capacity of 12-gallon cart)  
o Raw or cooked meat and bones  
o Raw or cooked fish, including bones and shells  
o Dairy products, eggs and eggshells  
o Pasta, bread, grains and cereals  
o Fruit and vegetables, including pits and shells  
o Cake, cookies, candies including gum  
o Coffee grounds with filters and tea bags  
o Soup, stews, yogurt  
o Cooking oil, grease  
o House plants, flowers, floral trimmings  
o Hair (human and animal), fur  
o Soiled paper (paper towels, napkins, pizza disks)  
o Waxed cardboard, wax paper (but no cardboard milk & juice cartons)  
o Animal bedding (from bird /hamster cages) including waste  
o Sawdust, wood chopsticks  
o Dryer lint  
o Wine corks (not plastic!)  
o Wood Stove Ash  
o Tissues, paper towels, paper napkins  
o Paper cotton swabs and cotton balls  
o Bunny, chicken, hamster pet waste
If you have been selected to participate in the pilot program, mark these dates to pick up your composter at 5 Jefferson Avenue, Salem
Saturday April 5, 9-12  
Saturday April 12, 9-12 
For more information about Food Scraps Plus, click here
For additional information on recycling, go to