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June 2014 | Issue 6
Annie Jones Evans
Executive Director

Ester Perry
Executive Asst./Office Mgr.

Andrea T. Fowler
Housing Counselor

Lois Lilly
James Allen
General Maintenance Assistant
Taylor Freeman
Summer Intern

D'Andria Robinson
Summer Intern
SouthFair was incorporated in October 1991. SouthFair is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation and a certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) under the City of Dallas HOME Program.
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The Fair Park Merchants Association (FPMA) first newsletter will arrive in July. Keep an eye on your email!
Did you know . . .

* The Dallas Arts District is the largest urban arts district in the United States


 *African American, Garrett Morgan invented both the gas mask and first traffic signal


Neiman Marcus opened in Downtown Dallas in 1907


Well now you do! 

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Two Interns for SouthFair
SouthFair is hosting two interns this summer. Taylor Smith is a returning intern from 2012. Read below, in Staff Member Spotlight, to learn more about Taylor. We also have D'Andria Robinson an incoming junior at Lincoln High School. D'Andria has plans to go into the medical field.

Thanks Alliance Data!
Board Members:

Theodore M. Lawe
Harry Robinson, Jr.

First Vice Chairman

Marian Williams

Second Vice Chairwoman

Marilynn Mayse


Zaincorie Taylor-Smith Treasurer

Roy Andy



Tara Good

Johnnie Griggs

Michael Krywucki

Eric Stark

LaKisha Stark


** Roughly half of SouthFair's Board Members have served over seven years.

More Housing to Come . . .
SouthFair looks forward to providing even more housing. We recently built our 30th house in Fair Park Estates in April 2014. Thanks Altura Homes!
We anticipate adding 6-8 additional houses to this development in addition to the four townhomes.
SouthFair's mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents of South Dallas through the promotion of neighborhood revitalization, primarily through the development of affordable housing, economic activity and the provision of needed support services. Further, to promote housing choice for low and moderate income households, SouthFair will consider the development of affordable housing as needed within the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.
If you desire to financially support SouthFair you can send donations to the address below. All donors will receive a receipt and a letter of acknowledgment.

here to print a copy of our pledge form or donate online.

SouthFair CDC

PO Box 150353

Dallas, TX 75315


Thank you for taking the time to read SouthFair's June 2014 newsletter. We are very happy to share some of our successes and also provide useful information about community revitalization in South Dallas. As always we appreciate your support!  -Annie

Fair Park Estates: Another Direct Purchase

Mr. & Ms. Rodriguez purchased a house from SouthFair in April. They have been attempting to purchase a house for a very long time. The Rodriguez's are very happy that their kids can walk to school. 

The Rodriquez's New Home
Another house closed with Inwood Bank!
What Are The Key Features of the New Health Care Law?


  • The Health Insurance Marketplace will offer a new way to shop and enroll in a health plan. You will be able to compare plan prices and benefits from a number of health insurance companies offering coverage on the Marketplace. You can apply for coverage online, over the phone or with a paper application. Open enrollment starts November 15, 2014 for insurance coverage that begins Jan. 1, 2015.
  • Preventive services will have no out-of-pocket costs. Most preventive care will be fully paid by your premium - like certain screenings to check for conditions such as diabetes or mammograms for early cancer detection. 
  • Essential health benefits are included in most health insurance plans.
  • You can keep your adult children on your health insurance plan until they turn 26. 
  • You choose your doctor. 
  • Emergency access is guaranteed. 
  • Health coverage will be easier to understand. 
For more information please visit BeCoveredTexas website.
SouthFair Fundraiser

SouthFair is once again participating in the North Texas Giving Day scheduled for September 18, 2014. Last year we raised a little under $2,000 so of course we want to raise more this year. 


Help us do so. Please consider donating to SouthFair! Specific donation information will be provided in late August/early September.


Save the Date - September 18, 2014


"You're either part of the solution or you're part of the problem."
-Eldridge Cleaver

What is a CHDO? Why Are They Important Part of Community Revitalization?

Community Housing Development Organizations (CHDO) are one of the greatest assets to communities that are in need of revitalization. We work in neighborhoods that are blighted, has its fill of dilapidated housing, lack access to amenities and much more. Many times for profit developers don't have a great interest in developing the neighborhoods that we serve due to decreased profit potential, the threat of vandalism during construction and more. CHDOs not only develop housing but we assist in helping to recreate a neighborhood, further develop its assets and its people through various means whether it is a neighborhood school drive or a celebration of a demolished eyesore. CHDOs build what the neighborhood needs and wants, not just what is best to turn a profit. 


SouthFair has been a certified CHDO with the City of Dallas Housing Department since 1998. We have developed a little over 350 units of multifamily, just under 50 units of single family housing and 1 commercial development. It is challenging work that is rewarding in itself by just driving through parts of the neighborhood that has been touched by redevelopment. 


Continue to support SouthFair and the other CHDOs as we continue to do what we do best, revitalize communities! 


If we didn't do the work...then who?


More Senior Outings . . .


Our Seniors that reside at AYA Village and Ethel Parnell Place Apartments, always enjoy their outings. Just this month they viewed they play, Mamma Mia, at the Fair Park Music Hall. They also enjoyed lunch at The Dinning Room inside the Music Hall.



Our long time Coordinator at AYA Village, Gwen Sessions, retired last month. We will certainly miss her vibrant personality at AYA. Gwen you are more than welcome to attend the senior outings!



Staff Member Spotlight: Taylor Freeman

Taylor Freeman first interned for SouthFair in the summer of 2012. She graduated from Townview Magnet Center's Health Science School in May 2014. Taylor will be an incoming freshman at the University of Houston this fall, majoring in Biology. 


Getting to know Taylor:
Where born: Dallas, TX
Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food - Don't have a particular favorite dish or restaurant but I love seafood especially crab and crawfish
Family - Terry Freeman (mom)
Famous person you would most like to meet- J. Cole, I absolutely love his music
Words that describe you best - Curious, Fashion forward, Educated
In your spare time you . . . - I love to shop and stay on top of the fashion trends
If you've learned one thing in life, it is . . . - Well so far in life I've learned that networking is critical component to succeeding in the corporate world.
What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the
 South Dallas community?- For SouthFair to continue to provide nice homes in the South Dallas community and to continue thriving as a business. These houses not only provide homes for people but they add to the revitalization process that is occurring in the community. I desire for South Dallas to become a place where people from all over, not just those who may live in the community, would want to stop and shop and admire what South Dallas has to offer. 
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