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March 2013 | Issue 1
Annie Jones Evans
Executive Director

Andrea T. Fowler
Resident Manager

Ester Perry
Executive Asst./Office Mgr.

Lois Lilly
Housing Assistant

James Allen
General Maintenance Asst.

SouthFair was incorporated in October 1991. SouthFair is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit corporation and a certified Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) under the City of Dallas HOME Program.
Did you know . . .

* That SouthFair was founded in 1991 by Linda Walker.


* Mrs. Walker is a past Senior V.P. at Guaranty Bank and Director Community Development at BBVA Compass.


* Mrs. Walker also founded Jeffries-Meyers Learning Center in South Dallas. They offer after-school and summer youth programs.


Well now you do! 


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Fark Park Estates Neighborhood Association's First President

Christopher Webb is Fair Park Estates Neighborhood Association's (FPENA) first President. He won the trust of his neighbors in July 2012.


Mr. Webb has taken on his new role with much vigor and responsibility. He has been successful at bringing in official City of Dallas crime watch signs along with street lights to assist in lighting up the neighborhood at night. Both will bring more safety to the South Dallas community and discourage theft and other crimes. 


Previous FPENA meetings have had special guests from the Dallas Police Dept., City's Code Compliance Dept. and pest control companies just to name a few.


The FPENA meets the first Saturday of every month. 


Board Members:

Theodore M. Lawe

Harry Robinson, Jr.

First Vice Chairman

Marian Williams

Second Vice Chairwoman


Marilynn Mayse



Zaincorie Taylor-Smith Treasury


Roy Andy



Tara Good

Johnnie Griggs

Michael Krywucki

Eric Stark

LaKisha Stark


** Roughly half of SouthFair's Board Members have served over six years.

SouthFair's mission is to improve the quality of life for the residents of South Dallas through the promotion of neighborhood revitalization, primarily through the development of affordable housing, economic activity and the provision of needed support services. Further, to promote housing choice for low and moderate income households, SouthFair will consider the development of affordable housing as needed within the greater Dallas-Fort Worth metropolitan area.
If you desire to financially support SouthFair you can send donations to the address below. All donors will receive a receipt and a letter of acknowledgment.

here to print a copy of our pledge form.

SouthFair CDC

PO Box 150353

Dallas, TX 75315




North Texas Giving Day is fast approaching. SouthFair will once again participate. So save the date-September 19th. Get Up and Give! 


Thank you for taking the time to read SouthFair's first newsletter. We are embarking on some exciting times for our organization and Sunny South Dallas. As always we appreciate your support!  -Annie

Fair Park Estates: Single Family Development Brightens up the Jeffries-Meyers Neighborhood

Since 2007, SouthFair has focused on single family development. SouthFair has assembled a site to build thirty patio style detached homes for low to moderate income families. We have built sixteen of the thirty single family patio style homes that are planned for this development. The first two houses were built in 2008 with financing from Capital One Bank. In 2010 the first house in Fair Park Estates, 2803 South Boulevard was sold.


Due to the economic climate, in particular the housing market, SouthFair was not been very active in constructing additional units in Fair Park Estates between 2008 and early 2010. The tight credit markets and the falling home prices in 2008 and 2009 caused a very unproductive two year period. 

The demand dropped off faster than the production of housing units therefore resulting in a nonexistent buying market for SouthFair and other CDC's. High unemployment and record foreclosures made the promise of building single-family housing units and selling to qualified buyer unrealistic.

In 2010 housing construction and development picked up for SouthFair and its been steadily progressing ever since.     


With assistance from the City ofDallas Housing Department, in 2011 we completed two more houses and in 2012 a record for SouthFair, twelve houses were completed. The City financed 100% of the construction cost to jump start the development.

2832 Thomas

2832 Thomas Tolbert-One of the twelve houses completed last year.


In 2011, SouthFair established a rent-to-own program. This program has offered individuals and families that may not have had a chance at homeownership, a choice.


The rent-to-own program allows residents a specified amount of time to become mortgage ready. During this process we meet with our residents on a regular basis to ensure they are moving towards mortgage readiness.  


Altura Homes has built the last twelve houses. We have started construction on another six houses. We anticipate completing the construction of the last eight houses in FY 2013.


SouthFair will continue to sell houses and also transition our rent-to-owners into homebuyers. 

2803 South
Fair Park Estates: First Homebuyer

Gerald & Victoria Bradshaw are SouthFair's first homebuyers in the Fair Park Estates' development. They purchased their home in 2010.


As Mrs. Bradshaw stated "I am extremely happy with the purchase of my new home from SouthFair. My Realtor informed me SouthFair would do all they could to get me into my home and they did. I really appreciate how after I moved into my home they were still available for any questions or issues."


The Bradshaw's have continued to participate in the neighborhood association. Mr. Bradshaw works diligently to keep their yard looking immaculate. We are very happy to have the Bradshaw's as apart of SouthFair's family.


New Social Security Administration Building Stays in South Dallas


In March 2011 SouthFair signed a contract to sell nine of its Merlin lots to a private developer, WSSA LLC, that builds and leases building for the General Services Administration.  WSSA LLC and their commercial realtor Tom Metcalfe were searching for available land for well over a year. Fortunately

SSA Building Under Construction
New SSA Building under construction at Grand Ave. & Malcolm X Blvd.

 SouthFair, being one of the largest land owners in South Dallas, was able to sell them 1.56 acres of land to build a new Social Security Administration building. The current building located at Robert B. Cullum and Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. doesn't fit the needs of Southern Dallas. It is too small to accommodate the number visitors and doesn't have enough parking spaces.


 In July 2012, SouthFair closed the deal. The project is now well under way. This year South Dallas will have a new Social Security Administration building able to service even more of the South Dallas and the surrounding community.


SouthFair's Senior Care Program


SouthFair's Senior Care Programs' purpose is to provide assistance to improving the quality of life of our seniors. The program helps the seniors to access community resources, provide information on senior related issues and participate in monthly outings.  


Through this program SouthFair is addressing the following:

  •  Part of the elderly mobility issue of being "stuck without options"
  •  Assisting with securing the health and safety of South Dallas's elderly residents
  •  Encouraging elderly residents to not leave South Dallas and others to move to the area

We send our sincere thanks to Alliance Data for providing us a donation of $5,000 in 2012 to be used in part to fund our Senior Care Program.

Senior Outing - Magnolia Jan 2013
Seniors at the Magnolia Theater


The Future of South Dallas . . . Change is Coming!

Change is coming to South Dallas, in particular to the Jeffries-Meyers neighborhood. The new Billy E. Dade Middle School will be completed this fall. It will be a state of the art middle school with classroom access to wireless internet, full length basketball court and football field. The new Social Security Administration building will be approximately 12,000 sq. ft. with close to 50 parking spaces for visitors and a separate parking lot of 40 spaces for employees.


The development of Fair Park Estates has brightened up the neighborhood. In addition SouthFair is gearing up to construct a six to eight unit apartment complex nestled in-between Ethel Parnell Place Apartments which it owns and manages and Fair Park Estates. Development plans for additional houses at the 2800/2900 of South Blvd. are also under way. 


Next on SouthFair's list is to bring in additional commercial development to the neighborhood. At the corner of Merlin and Grand Ave, there are plans for an office/retail mixed development, that will house needed retail services for the community and needed office space for small to mid-size businesses.


SouthFair is excited about its future development opportunities but we know we can't do it alone. We continue to nurture our current relationships with our partners and are just as enthusiastic about creating new relationships. 


Here is to improvement in  South Dallas!

Board Member Spotlight: Tara Good

Our newest board members is Mrs.Tara Good. Mrs. Good joined the SouthFair Board of Directors in August 2012. She is a licensed Cytotechnologist at Quest Diagnostics, Inc. with experience in cancer detection. She earned a B.S. in Biology from Spelman College, a B.S. in Cytotechnology from the University of Kansas Medical Center, and a M.S. in Healthcare Administration from the University of Texas at Arlington.


Getting to know Mrs. Good:

Where born: Wichita, Kansas
Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food-Seafood
Family -Husband Costello, 3 kids Nadia, Diallo, and Zane 
Famous person I would most like to meet- Condoleezza Rice
Words that describe me best- Devoted, acquisitive, and family oriented
In my spare time I - Travel, participate in 5k charity runs, and participate in my children's sporting events
If I've learned one thing in life, it is- Prayer changes things
What are your hopes and desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community?

My hope is that SouthFair will be more visible to other areas of DFW so that the needs of South Dallas can be exposed to a larger community of givers allowing SouthFair to fulfill its vision of revitalization and community building.

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