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December 10th, 2014

    So, you see the title of this month's email, and you ask yourself, why is he bringing up the little promises we all have to make in a few weeks.  Actually, you need to jump back about 50 weeks.  That's when I vowed to open up a new store.  In Florida!   It took a bit longer than i expected, but then again, how many of us actually really fulfill that little promise blurted out in the wee hours of January First?  Who needs weight loss, when there are real results we can achieve!
   Plus, in this issue, some of the other stuff we always seem to accomplish and want to remind you about since the last newsletter.
   So, while Florida is the new Winter place to buy our millstones & troughs, we are of course ready to serve you up in the Northeast.  Flooring, millwork, vintage beams & boards.  Door stiles, & MODS.  Or, how about a millstone or trough as the Christmas gift that doesn't fit under the tree.  Even with a bunch of them in Florida, we have plenty to choose from up here.
The Southern Branch
     So, really.  It's about 3 minutes after midnite on New Year's last January, and I blurt out to the friends and family I am gathered with:  "...I'm gonna open up a store in Florida this year."  My wife looks at me like I have three heads, or three too many beverages.  Either way, she drove home.
   The rest is all about planning, market research, logistics issues, and then: Location, Location, Location.
   We landed in Ocala, the horse capital, with 24 tons of our landscape granite.  And right on the main road.  Our spot will be great for our Southern Branch to display and distribute our millstones & troughs in the South.

Big forklift - big millstone

Love my Pecky Cedar Pergola

A little stack front & center

Always scratching my head

Something for every budget

Can't forget to return the forklift with fuel!

The results from ABX 2014 are in
We heard great things about our display at Boston's ABX show.  The genuine mahogany decking was a hit, and everyone seems to gravitate to the Spalted Maple to touch it, as the grain seemed to jump off the display.  But, we found that our vintage barnboard surfaces are where the market seemed to ask the most questions.  We can do a variety of species, textures, & colors.  The original patina oak with a wirebrushed face was also a big draw.

So, as a result of requests from the show, we created some products sure to keep up with architect's and designer's needs.

Above & below: our first take on a modular paneling.  Original circle sawn Yellow pine, wirebrushed & pre-cut to 4x18" pieces.

Below, our 3/8" re-sawn barnboard surface

Alas, from the show, we sold a granite millstone right off the show floor, & delivered it a mile away to the 37th floor of the Harbor Towers to be used as an amazing coffee table.  Love the view!

Finally, if you've made it this far, it seems you might appreciate what we do.  Thank You!  Our Bread and Butter is milling vintage beams into some of the finest antique flooring you can find.  Our next best attribute is finding just the right surface for your project:  Wire-brushed Ash, custom hand hewing on any wood, specialty Fir and Cedar boards & beams, the best vintage barnboard available, or just the coolest chunk of vintage granite for your landscape project.  Thanks again, and please come see us again, for the very first time.  

Tom Mann
T.S. Mann Lumber Co, Inc.


PS: Bonus Pics, our Bear Mountain Granite wallstone.  Keep it mind for next spring!

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