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Not From Massachusetts?

How does this affect you:

If you need any building materials, this is a good time to buy.

We call all of our suppliers, and ask for special "Tax Free Weekend" discounts.  

They love the extra business in the dog-days of Summer.

If you need anything in the near future, be sure to PiggyBack on these great deals.

Plus, we can offer discounted shipping, and free dry storage in our big 6000 sq ft building (or one of our other lumber sheds) on all pre-paid orders placed this weekend.

Yes, now is the time to buy for your Fall building material needs.
August 12th, 2014

    Start off with an apology: This issue is all about The Massachusetts Sales Tax Holiday.  It's a  big distraction for Massachusetts retailers.  We are required to not collect the standard 6.25% Sales tax on most purchases on August 16th and 17th. (see below for details).
    So, we are mainly just sending this email to our Massachusetts customers & neighbors.  If you are planning a personal purchase of building materials for your project, this upcoming weekend is a great time to buy.
     We have manufacturer's discounts in place, shipping discounts, free storage on pre-paid orders.  And, as always, a sharp pencil.
August 16th & 17th: Save, Save, Save!
If you are considering any purchase of anything we sell in the near future, please contact us this week to see if we can help you save some money.
     Individuals in Massachusetts can buy most items we sell without paying any sales tax on August 16th & 17th.  The Mass Dept of Revenue has not even posted the 2014 rules on their website yet, but based on past regulations, we know what we are doing.  Click here to see last year's rules.  Here are the bullet points:
  • Personal purchases, not business use
  • Individual items cannot cost more than $2500, but multiple items can be purchased totaling any amount, as long as individual items are less than $2500.
  • No cars, boats, tobacco, meals, & a few other things we don't sell anyways!
  • Must be paid for on August 16th or 17th.
  • Special orders are OK.  Future exchanges are OK
  • Purchases over $1000 require an easy form to be filled out confirming that the rules have been followed.
Things that customers have saved money on in previous Tax Holiday events:
  • Hundreds or thousands of Square Feet of flooring.
  • Large amounts of wood or specialty siding & roofing
  • Granite millstones & troughs
  • House-full of windows & doors
  • Most any of our other building materials
  • Even our 39 cent paintbrushes.
We expect to be a bit busy that weekend, so please contact us early to "pre-book" any of your purchases.  We can either set aside items, or get firm quotes lined up. Payment has to be made that weekend though!  Otherwise, we get spanked! Wicked Hard.

Here are some of the specials that we will be offering:
  • Prefinished Oak & Bambo flooring specials
  • Free Low-E on Vinyl windows
  • Reclaimed timbers & flooring
  • New wide-plank flooring
  • Granite Steps & Curbing
  • Free storage on purchased items
  • Discounted delivery
     Again, we genuinely apologize for the inconvenience this event causes our other customers.  We'll get back to our regular programming soon.  Till then, we'll be dealing with most of August's sales crammed into one weekend.  You might as well catch the wave.  All we can ask, is that you keep us in mind, and forward this email to anyone you think might benefit from our products.

Tom Mann
T.S. Mann Lumber Co, Inc.

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