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A couple Bloggers have bought some cool material from us; check them out:
    The Hall's just installed their Wormy Maple floor in their Tiny House

And another pair of social medium with our Antique Heart Pine:

Don't forget! We are FSC®Certified.  Call for your LEED project requirements.

Split Rail Fence
Call now for your needs. Remember, we make them Abe Lincoln style: no posts!  The US Army bought them from us when they wanted to re-create the Gettysburg fence.  You should too; we can handle 12 piece orders, or a thousand!

Go to for more info.

   Don't forget about large Doug Fir timbers:

Still plenty of the industrial grinding wheels available:

 Click HERE to see more about MODS.  Stop by for of a tour of our demo model.

June 5th, 2014

    So, I am often asked: "How do you find all your cool stuff?" My usual response: "It finds ME!"  After putting out feelers for ten plus years, and being able to drop what your doing every now & again when someone calls, and then handling the logistics.  And saying yes, when other people say no.
     That's happened twice in the last couple weeks.  And thus, the tip of the iceberg.  Actually two icebergs.
     Collision #1: Longtime customer stops by and asks if I'm interested in a bunch of reclaimed granite curbing.  Sure, why not? The catch, I gotta buy it all, and fast.  How much can that be?  By the time you read this: thousands of feet, & maybe 200,000 lbs.
     Collision #2: Longtime customer & barn restoration guy says he is retiring and has a barn-load of wood he's collected over 40+ years. The catch: I gotta buy it all.  The rub: the barn is 60x200 feet. Chock full.  80+ thousand Board Feet.  YOWZA!  There is a wide variety coming out: barnboard, timbers, antique Redwood, wlanut, butternut, oak, etc, etc, etc.
     So, we have our feet on the ground, so there'll be no sinking this ship.  Please stop by and find a use for some curbing & cool barn-wood.  You know, we are swimming in it!    
Product of the Month: Curbing & Barn-Wood
Reclaimed curbing.  Most is 6x16", and random length, 3-10' long

Early pics of the Barn-Load of vintage & specialty wood that will be arriving over the coming days.

Below Walnut & Spalted Maple
Below Spalted maple slabs

Project of the Month: Deliveries Galore!
 Below is a great installation of a display at a garden center that has chosen to take our material on as a stocking dealer.  Everyone loves this table configuration

    Fresh pics of the Live Oak Benches we did for the new Menino Park next to Spaulding Rehab.  If you are in Charlestown, you gotta check these out.     Remember, these were buried by the US Navy a couple hundred years ago, and found when they broke ground for the new hospital.  We've now done 6 benches for them

Finally, if you've made it this far, it seems you might appreciate what we do.  Thank You!  Our Bread and Butter is milling vintage beams into some of the finest antique flooring you can find.  Our next best attribute is finding just the right surface for your project:  Wire-brushed Ash, custom hand hewing on any wood, specialty Fir and Cedar boards & beams, the best vintage barnboard available, or just the coolest chunk of vintage granite for your landscape project.  Thanks again, and please come see us again, for the very first time.  

Tom Mann
T.S. Mann Lumber Co, Inc.

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