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Now FSC® certified!!!
    We are now capable of sourcing FSC® products, but more importantly, we are authorized to be the originator of FSC®-Recycled materials.  
December 13th, 2013 

     We've had a very busy Fall, and are very fortunate to have a handful of orders to keep us plugging away through the Holidays.  We've just finished two different library flooring jobs, a re-sawn Heart Pine timber job for a beautiful barn conversion, and we are keeping the moulder busy with a couple custom jobs, including some Cypress and Fir paneling.
     In our spare time, the crew found a way to set up at the ABX2013 show in Boston.  Almost forgot!; We also delivered three more Live Oak Timber benches to the Mayor Menino Park next to Spaulding Rehab.  Whew! I'm tired just thinking how much we accomplished in the last month.
Athol Library - Antique Heart Pine Flooring
Our part of Athol's amazing new/remodeled library is complete.  We delivered about 3000 square feet of our FSC®-Recycled Antique Heart Pine flooring to make the original Carnegie wing look like it could have 80 years ago.  We created a custom grade from locally salvaged timbers.  Even though the paint is still drying, and all the finishing touches need another few weeks to complete, we snuck in and snapped some pics the other day.  The numbers aren't out yet, but this is going to get a LEED Platinum rating that should be off the charts, as far as libraries go.  We can't wait to hang out at this amazing space when it's done.  I'm sure this floor will be in next month's newsletter again after the grand opening happens.
Several shots of the floor!

*Thanks to Laffond Photography for helping
When we weren't making flooring in November...
 Above: Live Oak Timber in process; our Reclaimed Oak flooring in a Barn conversion
Above: rolling in a 24" square hewn Live Oak Timber bench, Fred Flintstone style.  Right: Sterling & Emily taking a break at ABX2013.
The Bench was the "Hit of the Show" we were told, it seemed like we had to tell its story about a thousand times!  Plus, about another thousand folks felt the need to touch the millstone & trough to see if they were real.  Of course, they are! 
Finally, if you've made it this far, it seems you might appreciate what we do.  Thank You!  Our Bread and Butter is milling vintage beams into some of the finest antique flooring you can find.  Our next best attribute is finding just the right surface for your project:  Wire-brushed Ash, custom hand hewing on any wood, specialty Fir and Cedar boards & beams, the best vintage barnboard available, or just the coolest chunk of vintage granite for your landscape project.  Thanks again, and please come see us again, for the very first time.  


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