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The Very Best:
Our "Restoration Grade" Antique Heart Pine.  Virtually no defects, just like it was "out of the box" from The Victorian Era

Vintage Step Set
The top landing is 33"x84"; quite a massive stone, indeed.  $1450 for the set

Some more of our grinding wheels:
 Some close-ups:
September 20th, 2013 

     Summer officially ends this weekend, which means the clock is ticking to get your Fall projects underway. If you need the coolest lumber & stone, we've got it. As always, Antique Heart Pine rules the day.  We always try to keep at least 50 thousand board feet in stock to keep you rolling.  Plus 5 times that in all the other reclaimed species (Doug Fir, Spruce, Hemlock, Pine, Redwood, Oak, etc, etc).  And you can't forget our vintage stone collection, because you'll be amazed once you see it.  Please stop by if you can.  
     Mon-Fri 7-5, Sat 8-2, & Sun 9-1.  Speaking of Fall, you might note that our weekend hours let us try to catch some college Grid Iron on Saturday, and maybe a Pro game on Sunday, eh?
Beams & Boards
We have a tremendous amount of beams & boards in stock to get your project rolling.  If we don't have exactly what you need, we can make it, or get it.  Here are a few pics of some of our inventory & products:

An elevated shot of part of our yard:

How do we get our materials? Sometimes one barn at a time!

These beams were literally glowing while basking in the sun

9/16" thick Antique Heart Pine, Double Vee paneling:

Millstones & Troughs
Our inventory always changes, so some of the stones in these pics may be already gone by the time you read this email, but these are all fresh photos, so your chances are pretty good, if you see any you like.
A pair of 44" stones, $1250 each

This one below is 42", and a steal at $650!

Small garden troughs, $145-175:

And some monsters; pardon my little friend trying not to pose:

Project of the Month

All Hands On Deck, as we were asked to saw some hand-hewn beams in half, then we had to chisel out the beams so they could be applied directly to the ceiling.  We did 5 of these long ones, and 24 smaller beams.  They then went to a very nice residence in Weston, MA.  (maybe "nice" doesn't do the home justice?). We had about 80 man-hours with the hand work shown above.  We should have installed pics in our next newsletter.
Finally, if you've made it this far, it seems you might appreciate what we do.  Thank You!  Our Bread and Butter is milling vintage beams into some of the finest antique flooring you can find.  Our next best attribute is finding just the right surface for your project:  Wire-brushed Ash, custom hand hewing on any wood, specialty Fir and Cedar boards & beams, the best vintage barnboard available, or just the coolest chunk of vintage granite for your landscape project.  Thanks again, and please come see us again, for the very first time.  


Tom Mann
T.S. Mann Lumber Co, Inc.

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