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Push to ban plastic microbeads from facial scrubs gains momentum

Environmentalists are hoping that the move by Illinois to ban the sale of facial exfoliators and body scrubs containing microbeads will mark the beginning of the end for the plastic pollutants. 

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Change in Attitude

Canadians continue to be clueless and complacent about their water. Can we incentivize?

With the 2013 Calgary and Toronto floods still fresh in our minds, and the bone-chilling cold of the polar vortex lingering well into spring, Canadians have been walloped over the head with the realities of extreme weather.  

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APWA Congress: "The Best Show in Public Works'

August 17-20, 2014:

Toronto, ON

Paddling Together: Integrative Traditional and Western Water Knowledge

August 25-29, 2014 

North Bay, ON & Area


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Waterline Summer 2014

energyOCWA Energy Initiative

OCWA's Energy Efficiency Savings Plan (EESP) initiative is reaching new areas of achievement. Since March 2013, OCWA, through a partnership with the Ontario Power Authority (OPA), has assisted municipal clients in assessing, identifying and implementing various Energy Conservation Measures (ECMs). To date, 73 municipalities have expressed interest in the program, which has led to 59 walkthroughs conducted by OCWA process and energy specialists. OCWA Engineering Services has delivered 53 technical memorandums, carried out 10 energy audits and identified an estimated 5,337 MWh of energy savings and $533,700 of capital savings for our clients. The number of walkthroughs, reports submitted, energy audit processes and implementation measures have increased significantly as the OCWA ESSP initiative has progressed.


A great example of success is the Rockland Wastewater Treatment Plant in the City of Clarence - Rockland. The Rockland WPCP project began in April 2013 when OCWA's Business Development team approached the client and the project continued right through design, installation and implementation of Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) on blower motors in March 2014. During this project OCWA was able to do almost all of the work in house, using local OCWA staff and limiting the use of outside contractors.


As a result of the OPA's Save on Energy Initiative, and OCWA's EESP team, Rockland saves an estimated 350 MWh of energy and 40 kW of demand per year. The full project cost for the client totaled $119,569.68 with a payback incentive from OPA of $44,595.45 or 37% of the total cost. With this added incentive the return on investment period is less than 2 years before Rockland enjoys increased energy savings.  

fivethingsSeries: Five things you didn't know about OCWA


We're Everywhere

We're always seeking ways to bring our expertise to projects across Canada. OCWA stands among the very best international water operations and maintenance providers. We apply Ontario's high compliance standards to every project we undertake.


Network Support

Our unique hub structure enables us to manage distributed facilities. New projects outside Ontario are treated as network extensions, combining the speed and responsiveness of local management with ready access to OCWA's deep expertise.


Emergency Response Everywhere

OCWA's Emergency Response Teams (OERT) are ready to provide Ontario communities with emergency equipment and highly-trained staff within hours if disaster strikes. On the ground, OERT operators - including electricians, millwrights, chemists and process specialists - lose no time in restoring clean, safe drinking water.  


OCWA in the Community


OCWA's Sustainability Through Social Responsibility 2013 report is available for download on our website!  Please click here to see a recap of some of our major accomplishments throughout 2013.



onewaterOneWaterTM Campaign

OCWA Running Classroom Pilots of OneWaterTM Educational  Program


Working with an enthusiastic team of teachers and OCWA operators from several communities across Ontario, OCWA has developed educational materials for grade 8 students who are required to learn about water issues as part of their curriculum . OCWA's OneWater Educational Program is a series of materials with questions and activities focused on the value of water and the water cycleand includes a teacher/operator guide and student workbook


A full pilot ofthe OneWater Program will be rolled out in a number of communities during the 2014-2015 school year. OCWA looks forward to working in partnership with our client communities to improve water literacy in schools across the Province.


ocwamarineOCWA People - OCWAmarine Recap  

During the month of June, OCWA hosted its annual OCWAmarine Awards ceremony at Horseshoe Valley Resort in Barrie, Ontario.


The OCWAmarine awards are a formal recognition component of the Agency's recognition program. The awards are designed to recognize and thank employees who have made an outstanding contribution in the workplace in support of the delivery of OCWA's mandate and have demonstrated their commitment to excellence.


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