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Welcome to the September issue of ALL News 


Every year at this time, many of us still feel a child-like excitement over the beginning of autumn and a new year of learning. At ALL, we celebrate this season -- and our dedication to lifelong learning -- with a fresh program of courses, lectures, and events. 


We kick off the new semester with our Fall Social on Thursday, September 12 from 4-6 pm at the Van Lennep Auditorium in CBMM's Steamship Building. The Social is open to all interested in learning more about ALL and the Fall Semester programs, register for classes, meet fellow lifelong learners, and enjoy refreshments. 


ALL's Fall Semester offers a number of exciting courses. In this issue of ALL News, we present the programs that begin in September. There are many more courses coming up in October and November; we'll present those in our next issue. 


This month we introduce Anne McCormick, a new member of ALL's Executive Committee. We are also pleased to announce that Wilson Wyatt Jr. has been appointed ALL Vice President. You'll have a great opportunity to talk with them at the Fall Social on Thursday. We hope to see you there!


On a final note, we want to remind our members that ALL News is a group effort. Many thanks to Marketing Committee members Esty Collet and Lucille Weber for their ongoing work and contributions. We encourage all members to contribute reviews, photos, and relevant news to enhance the content of our newsletters. 
See you soon,
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Join Us! 






Thursday, September 12, 4pm-6pm


in the Van Lennep Auditorium, Steamship Building,

CBMM campus


Learn about ALL's upcoming courses and events.

Meet old friends and make new ones.

Enjoy a glass of wine and some nibbles.


Bring a friend

Everyone is welcome!


Anne McCormick Joins ALL Executive Committee  

Anne McCormick has been appointed to the ALL Executive Committee. Anne replaces George Merrill who recently retired from the Executive Committee after nearly 10 years of dedicated leadership and service on the curriculum and nominating committees. George has promised to remain active in the organization as an instructor.

Anne is the retired Associate Director of the Academic Support Center and adjunct professor at American University in Washington, D.C. Since moving to Easton in 2003, Anne has co-conducted numerous Talbot Country memoir writing groups, including several for ALL. She is a member of the Eastern Shore Writer's Association and the planning board for the Bay to Ocean Writing Conference. We welcome her expertise and enthusiasm.

Anne McCormick
Anne McCormick

Wilson Wyatt, Jr. Appointed ALL Vice President 

Wilson Wyatt Jr. is now Vice President of ALL, replacing Bob Lippson who retired from the office. Wilson has played a significant leadership role on the
Marketing Committee for the past two years as it developed, and helped roll out ALL's new look, which includes the new catalog covers and brochure. He currently serves on the Strategic Planning Committee.

Start Planning Committee 2013

Left to Right: Ron Lesher, Wilson Wyatt, Jr, Sam Barnett, 

Beverly Boyer Martin and Ed Delaney

Wilson is an award-winning landscape and nature photographer and a professional writer. whose work has been exhibited in gallery shows locally and in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is the author of YOSEMITE-Catching the Light, a book of fine art images, and is the executive editor of The Delmarva Review, a regional literary journal. See more of his work at:

The Executive Committee's 17 members meet monthly to oversee the operations of the organization. The committee's four officers are Ron Lesher, President; Wilson Wyatt Jr, Vice President; John Ford, Secretary; and Brice Gamber, Treasurer. Chairing the organization's four committees are Chip Britt, Administrative; Sam Barnett, Curriculum; Esty Collet, Marketing; and Beverly Boyer Martin, Membership. This group represent some, but by no means all, of the many dedicated volunteers who make ALL the vibrant organization it is.

ALL Fall 2013 Semester


Our Fall Semester promises to provide something for everyone.  

Greek Tragedy, Hot and Cold Wars, 

Fall 2013 CoverDickens, Great Decisions, Exotic Species, Sacred Spaces, Fun with Philosophy,  Sports and Religion, Furniture of our Pilgrim Fathers, and Strategic Planning are just some of the 22 offerings that begin in mid-September and run through November. 
Returning are many of ALL's favorite course leaders, including George Merrill, Sam Barnett,  Dick Mattingly, Bob Lonergan, Don Berlin,  Bob Springer , Phil Hesser, and the "two Johns", who will be joined by CBMM's Kate Livie.  ALL also welcomes  new and returning course leaders, CBMM's Rob Forloney, Ben Weems, Diane Thomas Mitchell, Ed Delaney, Ed Bednarz, and Bruce Jones. These individuals and many other talented  volunteers are the life blood of ALL, and dedicate hours to preparing and leading courses.


Courses starting in September include "The Artist's Way" led by Diane Thomas Mitchell . Participants will actively  follow Julia Cameron's book "The Artist's Way: A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity" and engage in small  group discussion, journal writing, hands-on experiences. and artist personal field trips. The class will meet weekly  for five Thursday afternoons starting September 19. 


On September 24 Dick Mattingly will begin "Furniture of Our Pilgrim Fathers", which will meet for three Tuesday mornings. He will trace various styles of furniture and decorative arts, from the landing of the Mayflower in 1620  to the first quarter of the 18th century.


Dick Mattingly (Photo courtesy of Robert Lippson)



"Greek Tragedy: Its Birth, Development and Conclusion", will be led by Ben Weems. The course, which begins September 25th, will meet weekly  for six sessions on Wednesday afternoons and explore how Greek tragedy has echoed in cultures for thousands of years.



George Merrill


George Merrill will lead "Remains of the Day: An Experience in Life Review" for eight sessions beginning September 26. This life review class is an exercise in looking at the landscape of your lives with the advantage that the longer shadows of time provide.













Robert Lonergan
Bob Lonergan


Beginning September 30, Bob Lonergan will lead "The Naval Civil War." The course will explore the naval engagements critical to the outcome of the Civil War, including Winfield Scott's Anaconda Plan, the Trent Affair, the first battle of the ironclads, the blockade runners, the commerce raiders,  and the other dramatic  events on the waters that extended the conflict to such distant places as the Bering Sea and the coast of France. The five-session course will meet Monday mornings.


Monitor and Merrimac

Naval Civil War: the first ironclads, the Monitor and the Merrimac

Also starting September 30 is "From Hot War to Cold War: US History 1919-1990". Led by Bob Springer, this course will begin with an examination of US isolationism after World War I, trace the development of the false prosperity of the 1920's and the causes of the Great Depression, as well as Hoover's attempts to solve the economic problems. It will look at  the election of FDR, his New Deal, and his programs to end the Depression while he attempted to remain neutral on the European war until Pearl Harbor. Finally it will examine the US role as the leader of the "free world" as the nation and its allies fought the spread of Communism. This five-session course will meet Monday afternoons.



Remember, there are many other informative and entertaining programs that will begin in October and November. Take a look at the course catalog and register soon -- many classes fill up quickly. 



To register, or to learn more about ALL programs, please call the Academy for Lifelong Learning at the CBMM at 410-745-2916 or download the 2013 Fall course catalog online.

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