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In the January Newsletter that was sent yesterday, I misspelled Bob Lonergan's name in a title. Please accept this corrected version of the newsletter -- and my apology.
Ann DeMart
Marketing Committee 
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 Vol. 2, Issue 1                                                                             January 2013
Greetings ALL members:


2013 is off to a great start for ALL at CBMM. The Winter Social was a success (see photos), we have two new Executive Committee members, Ed Delaney and Bob Lonergan, and many of our Winter Semester courses are well underway. 


Speaking of courses, we're in the process of creating new classes and, as always, rely on member involvement. In this month's newsletter, we've included a request and questionnaire from Chip Britt for ALL members to offer direction on future topics as well as indicate interest in leading ALL classes.  


We've also provided the info from John Ford about access to the Steamboat Building. You may have seen the email about this but we repeated it here because, well, it bears repeating.


We hope you enjoy this issue of ALL news.

Ann DeMart
Marketing Committee

In this issue:
Help Direct ALL's Future: Letter and Questionnaire
Member Spotlight: Bob Lonergan and Ed Delaney 
Bob Lonergan
Bob Lonergan
Photo courtesy of Wilson Wyatt, Jr.


Bob Lonergan and Ed Delaney were elected to ALL's Executive Committee at the January 7 meeting. 


Bob Lonergan may be known to those who have taken his popular courses on the Civil War, a subject that has greatly interested him for many years. After Bob practiced law with a Wall street law firm in New York, he spent 23 years as general counsel for several large companies, including Kennecott Copper and Rohm and Haas. 


He has lectured on legal subjects, such as mergers and acquisitions, at major law schools, and was an adjunct professor of ethics at the University of Utah. Bob currently serves on the boards of the Atlantic Legal Foundation and the Academy Art Museum. He and his wife, Marsha, make their home in retirement in Oxford.


Ed Delaney is an accomplished educator, consultant, and administrator with an earned doctorate and more than forty years of university teaching, research, and administrative experience.

Ed Delaney
Ed Delaney 
Photo courtesy of Wilson Wyatt, Jr.


He is recognized for his expertise in

organizational development, strategic planning, public and non-profit administration, project management, and public policy analysis. He has served as Executive Vice President/CEO of the Wildfowl Trust of North America in Grasonville and as a NCES Senior Fellow with the US Dept of Education. 


Ed has been the chairman of the Waterfowl Festival Master Classes and currently serves on the board as Secretary.  

Since retiring he regularly sales from Maine to the Caribbean, and he has has taken up oil painting and essay writing. He and his wife, Elizabeth Anderson, bought their home on La Trappe Creek in 1998. Until recently, they commuted from Northern Virginia on weekends to sail their "Blue Star" on the Bay and beyond.   





ALL 2013 Winter Social and Annual Meeting


The Academy for Lifelong Learning at CBMM held its Winter Social and Annual
Meeting January 7 at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum. A large congenial group gathered to enjoy wine and cheese, see old friends and make new ones, and learn about the upcoming semester. 
Ron Lesher discussed the ongoing strategic planning process and recognized members of the curriculum and marketing committees for their efforts last year. Ron also talked about ALL's recent donation of $5,000 to the Museum. Sam Barnett, Curriculum Chair, introduced the Winter Semester course line-up. Beverly Martin, Membership Chair, introduced a questionnaire to solicit new course ideas and recruit class leaders in advance of a workshop to be held in May. 
Tom Hollingshead of the Nominating Committee recommended Bob Lonergan and Ed Delaney for the two open seats on the Executive Committee. He also nominated: Ron Lesher, President; Bob Lippson, Vice President; John Ford, Secretary; and Brice Gamber, Treasurer. The nominees were unanimously elected. 
All photos courtesy of Wilson Wyatt, Jr.
Winter Catalog
Winter ALL Catalog
Bob F. and Ron L
Bob Feldhuhn, Ron Lesher, and Janet Harford
Helen, Beverly, and Al
Helen Van Fleet, Beverly Martin, and Al Kubeluis
Esty and Ed
Esty Collet and Ed Delaney



ALL Happy Faces
Happy Learners


Tom Hollingshead and Sam Barnett
Tom Hollingshead and Sam Barnett

ALL Meeting January 7
Attentive ALL Members

Steamboat Building Access

Beginning later this month, CBMM will begin the final phase of restoration of its living shoreline in Foggs Cove.  The existing living shoreline extends from the Small Boat Shed over to Watermans Wharf; this final phase will continue the wetlands all the way to the Inn at Perry Cabin/CBMM property line, which is just past the back of the Steamboat Building.  


Access to ALL classes will be mostly unaffected except for occasional construction traffic.  However, the wheelchair ramp on the waterside of the Steamboat Building will not be accessible. Anyone needing special assistance with the steps to the Steamboat Building's entrance can call my cell phone ahead of time and I'll help.  That number is 410-829-8652. 


With a little bit of luck with the winter weather, the project should be done by the end of March.  Sorry for any inconvenience.


John Ford

Facilities Manager

Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum


Direct ALL's Future: Letter and Questionnaire


A Request to ALL Members from Chip Britt


Dear Friend and Member,


The Academy for Lifelong Learning is a cooperative venture that relies on its members to set future directions by suggesting preferred areas for future offerings and volunteering to lead courses.   Over the past several years our membership and course offerings have been growing steadily. In order to build on our success we have decided that this year we will formally go to our members to solicit course preferences and recruit new course leaders. Please help us by returning the attached questionnaire and consider attending a workshop on future directions on May 8.


ALL also depends on members who are willing to lead courses on subjects related to their expertise, interests, hobbies or travel. The courses are presented in a broad variety of formats including single and multi sessions at a variety of venues in St Michaels and Easton and travel to various sites (e.g. Poplar Island, Smithsonian Museums, Easton Airport, and many others). The course leaders set the style and content of the course, which can include lectures, video presentations, and round table discussions. Subjects include literature, history, science, finance, "how to", travelogues and more.


Courses are generally very informal with lots of discussion, which can be both fun and satisfying for the course leader. Often course leaders return with follow-up classes. It is not unusual for a potential leader to think that their subject is too specialized or esoteric, however our experience is that our members have very broad eclectic interests. Our workshop in May will be an opportunity to discuss possible ideas for new course offerings and to learn from veteran course leaders what is involved in giving an ALL course. If you have an idea but are not sure how to put it together we can provide a mentor to advise on getting started.


Please copy, print and fill out the following questionnaire and mail to:

Academy for Lifelong Learning, c/o Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, PO Box 636, St Michaels, MD 21663 or copy, paste, and email to: If you have difficulty, please contact us at





Questionnaire on ALL Course Directions


I. Course Preferences


1) What subjects or activities most appeal to you? Check all that apply. ___ History, ___Literature, ___Science, ___Finance, ___Current Affairs, ___"How To", ___Travel, ___Day Trips

___Other (Specify)____________________________________________


2) Are there specific areas that you would like to see represented? __________________________________________________


3) Do you prefer ___presentations to groups of 20 to 30 or

___ more interactive small groups of less than 15?


4) Would you be willing to attend a workshop on May 8 to discuss in more detail possible new course offerings? ______


II. Course Leaders


1) Would you like to learn more about offering a course on your interests or specialty? ______________


2) Would the availability of a mentor be helpful to you in presenting your first course? _____________


3) Would you be able to attend a workshop on May 8 to learn more about course contents, styles, and formats and to explore possibilities for offering a course? _________


Name _____________________ email_______________________________



Please copy, print and fill out this following questionnaire and mail to:

Academy for Lifelong Learning, c/o Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum, PO Box 636, St Michaels, MD 21663 or copy, paste, and email to:

If you have difficulty, please contact us at 

To register, or to learn more about ALL programs, please call the Academy for Lifelong Learning at the CBMM at 410-745-2916 or download the 2013 Winter course catalog online.

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