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 Issue #2                                                                            November 2012
Welcome to the November issue of ALL News, another way to keep you up-to-date on Academy for Lifelong Learning (ALL) at Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum activities. 

This may be the first time you've received our newsletter. If so, please accept our apologies. Since launching our premier issue in October, we discovered that many of the email addresses we had for our members were no longer valid. We also discovered that the server was down the day we sent that issue and that clients did not receive the news.

Our marketing committee, which includes Esty Collet, who directs our efforts, and Lucille Weber, who manages our contacts, and I are working to update the ALL contact list. If you know members who have not yet received the newsletter, please let us know. We'll be happy to add them to the list and send a them a copy of last month's newsletter.

As always, we
welcome your feedback, questions, photos, and ideas for future stories.


Ann DeMart
Marketing Committee

In this issue:
Where do ideas for ALL courses originate? 


Member Spotlight: Beverley Boyer Martin 


Beverly Boyer Martin
Beverley Boyer Martin
Beverley Boyer Martin was recently appointed Membership Chair for the 
Academy for Lifelong Learning at CBMM.
A native northern Virginian, and long time sailor, Beverley arrived in Talbot County from Alexandria (after a 14 year stop in Annapolis). She happily states that this is the best place she's ever lived. Surrounded by water, welcoming neighbors, and stimulating activities precipitates a feeling of gratitude for all that is available here. She has been on the "cheering team" of ALL since her first class, so encouraging membership is a natural fit. "This wonderful organization has broadened my horizons and provided an opportunity to meet many interesting, curious, and upbeat residents," she said.  "And, it has facilitated my sense of belonging in this lovely community. There is just not enough time to avail myself of all the classes that tweak my interest!"


Longterm and New Members

Beverly Boyer Martin (second from right) with other past and present ALL Executive Committee Members: Ron Lesher, Kate Mann, Dorothy Parker, and Tom Hollingshead. (Photo courtesy of Wilson Wyatt, Jr.

Who thinks up ideas for ALL classes?

ALL at the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum has been offering a wide variety of lectures, round table discussions, workshops, and field trips for nearly 12 years. Each Fall, Winter and Spring/Summer semester ALL's 300+members choose from 15 to 20 different programs. Who comes up with subjects and content for our classes? People like you!


ALL is a learning cooperative. The majority of our course ideas and instructors come from our membership. We are not your typical continuing education program with a standard curriculum. Our courses grow up organically from the interests and expertise of our membership. If you live on the Eastern Shore of Maryland you know that the area is full of individuals with extraordinary life experiences, diverse points of view, and expertise in a wide variety of fields. From Shakespeare to American Art, from the Big Bang to Health and Well Being, from iPads to Boating, from Political Science to the History of God, from Quilting to Writing, and much more: our programs are as rich and varied as our membership. Many of our classes are interactive and involve a combination of lecture and group participation. Instructors repeatedly say that one of the most rewarding aspects of the experience is learning from others while leading courses.


Joan and George Lighthouse
ALL members and class leaders Joan Katz and George Merrill
Photo courtesy of Wilson Wyatt, Jr.

ALL is a community committed to the exploration of ideas, exchanging knowledge, and sharing experiences. If you are not yet a member we hope you will consider joining us. Whether or not you are a member, we invite you to consider leading a course or program. Next spring we will be offering a workshop to gather ideas for new course selections and to encourage perspective course leaders. The workshop will be an opportunity to work together to consider potential new course ideas, as well as a time for experienced course leaders to provide support and training  for new leaders. 


Take some time this winter to think about what inspires your imagination and how ALL might help you share that with others. More details on the workshop will be forthcoming, but in the interim feel free to address inquiries to the curriculum committee at  If you would like a copy of our current course catalog please call Helen Van Fleet at the museum at 410-745-4941. Visit us on Facebook and/or check out our website at

ALL members and class leaders John Ford and Sam Barrett 
Photo courtesy of Wilson Wyatt, Jr.

Class Review:
This I Believe was a resounding success!


Led by Don Rush of Delmarva Public Radio, This I Believe class exemplified an interactive ALL class. This I Believe is an international organization that engages people in writing and sharing essays on the core values that guide their daily lives. The project is based on the popular 1950's radio series, which was hosted by Edward R. Murrow. Nearly 100,000 essays written by people from all walks of life are heard on National Public Radio, have been archived on the "This I Believe" website, published in books, and featured in weekly podcasts.


ALL member Barbara Reisert conceived the idea to offer this program after she read several This I Believe books. She met Don Rush of Delmarva Public Radio at the Salisbury University radio station when she recorded an essay she had written for the Eastern Shore Writers Association. With her usual charm, she convinced Don to lead the classes, which were fun, challenging, and illuminating.


ALL class members listened to recordings of personal philosophies by such diverse, well-known personalities as William O. Douglas, Martha Graham, and Richard Rodgers, as well as everyday people. Throughout the classes, participants discussed their views on several subjects. Then, participants wrote and shared their own This I Believe essays, which are now being recorded at the Delmarva Public Radio station at Salisbury University.


Class member Anne McCormick shared her thoughts on the class with ALL's curriculum committee. "This I Believe is a shining example of our mission -- 

Anne McCormick
Anne McCormick prepares to record 
her essay

- creating communities among 'seasoned' learners," she said. Participants have been unique in their honesty, respect for other

opinions, and appreciation for the life stories that are the blueprints of how we come to a time when we can write 'this I believe.' As one member stated, we could make our own edition of This I Believe as an example of what an ALL course can mean to an eclectic group of folks who truly love learning and are willing to share their lives and experiences with others."


ALL plans to offer the program again, so keep a look out for it in future course catalogs. For more information about This I Believe, visit  


Believe Group Photo

Some of the participants of ALL's "This I Believe" program. (From left to right:

Pat Bradley, Esty Collet, Ann DeMart, Don Rush, Barbara Reisert, Jim Bradley,

Delphine Peck, Anne McCormick

Photo courtesy of Kate Mann


Pat and Jim BradleyPat and Jim Bradley's essays expressed strikingly similar themes, 

but were written from very different perspectives 





To register, or to learn more about ALL programs, please call the Academy for Lifelong Learning at the CBMM at 410-745-2916 or download a catalog online.

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