April 2015 
Migraine Acupuncture , Medical Hazards, and No More Fish Oil

After a short winter, Spring is almost here!  As Sports Commentator Bill Walton says, Acupuncture is an important part of his overall health plan, so he never misses.
San Francisco City Sights: Doors. Russian Hill towards the North Bay

Small Bronze Treatment Room
Settling into the New Office

The new office has been all I could have hoped for. It is quiet, convenient, big enough, but not too big. This is the smaller treatment room which management allowed me to paint in metallic bronze. It was exhausting, but turned out unique and restful, and, I hope, welcoming.
Antique statuettes donated by my Mother

Research News
Acupuncture for Migraine
I am continuing to collect stress response data on most patients.  I am focusing on the fascinating drop in stress response a few minutes after needling in migraine patients who have had positive response to treatment.  The question is whether this dramatic reduction is a sign of the underlying sensitivity of migraine patients in general, or if it predicts a positive clinical outcome.  An example of this line of study is here
Acupuncture for Allergies
From the  ENT task force for best practices for allergic rhinitis, they recommend Acupuncture for patients who are interested in natural remedies.  That's a pretty big deal!

Medical Hazards
Since I am in the business of providing an alternative to traditional medicine, I keep an eye on some of the pitfalls of some traditional strategies.  Just in the last month,
No need for  fish oil, repeatedly in studies there is no benefit.  Save your time and money!
Hope to see you soon.



Dr. Kristen Sparrow

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