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News for July, 2014
Light and Your Health and Clinic News
Clinic News: Publications Submitted
Stanford Professor Dr. Brenda Golianu  has collaborated  with me on two journal submissions. The first is my poster project as a journal article entitled
 "Does Acupuncture Reduce Stress Over Time? A Clinical Heart Rate Variability Study in Hypertensive Patients." 
The other submission is a short article entitled
"Treating Sleep Disorders in the Acupuncture Clinic."
So wish us luck!!


Overuse of Narcotics In Workers Compensation Cases
From the "First, Do No Harm" Files
pain figure
pain hurts

When I started my Acupuncture practice years ago, Workers Compensation Cases were fully half of my practice.  These were great cases to treat, because the workers were motivated and  needed pain relief to get back to work. After Schwarzenegger, treatment of Workers Comp cases came to a screeching halt and I've always wondered what happened to all of those patients. Well it looks like short cuts like narcotics is what happened. According to an  Investor's Business Daily report, injured workers are given an excess of narcotics especially in New York, and Louisiana.  Dangerous and sad.

Light and Health
Fitness and Health Files
Between Heaven and Earth
Great article on the latest science behind light and health from the Economist.  We've discussed this topic in the newsletter and blog before.  Day light can help your mood and sleep, so the recommendation is to get sun in the day and minimize light before bed. Sleep is health! 
A detailed article about what we now know about saturated fat and our health.  The take away: just eat whatever...
Acupuncture Research Files
The biotech community is now pursuing stress reduction through implantable devices.  This is directly related to my area of research, so we'll see what comes  of it all.  The  Society for Acupuncture Research can help guide this type of inquiry with our cutting edge research.  Exciting times! Lots of fascinating acupuncture research lately, if you are interested in that or some of my recent clinical cases, please visit the blog.

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